MUNFA IB 2006/07:37

TO:		All MUNFA Members

FROM:		The MUNFA Executive Committee

DATE:		June 22, 2007

SUBJECT: 	Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) Varying the Collective Agreement 

As most Academic Staff Members (ASMs) are aware, the Collective Agreement (CA) details the terms and conditions of employment for academic staff (faculty members, librarians, counsellors, and cooperative education coordinators) at Memorial University. For the most part, the duties and responsibilities outlined in the CA are mandatory and binding upon both parties who are signatories to the agreement. Nevertheless, MUNFA with some regularity receives and considers diverse Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) that, if signed, vary the Collective Agreement for many ASMs. Usually these MOAs are made available to ASMs with bona-fide reasons, and often affect CA deadlines as they apply to promotion and tenure, or to leaves.

If ASMs are concerned with such impending deadlines, and consider reasonable circumstances apply, MUNFA suggests that ASMs contact their Administrative Head, or the MUNFA Office (ext. 8642 or e-mail:

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