MUNFA IB 2006/07:20

TO:		All MUNFA Members

FROM:		The MUNFA Executive Committee

DATE:		March 2, 2007


It has come to our attention that increasingly Administrative Heads are being asked by the Administration to attend Search Committee meetings. Although Clause 7.10 of the MUN-MUNFA Collective Agreement permits an Administrative Head to request a meeting with the Search Committee, or for the Search Committee to extend an invitation for the Head to attend a meeting, the decision concerning whether the Administrative Head attends those meetings rests with the Search Committee -- not the Administrative Head. In the past month there have been instances where the Administrative Head has insisted on attending Search Committee meetings. This is a violation of the Collective Agreement and such actions have the potential to cause undue influence on the independence of the Search Committee process.

Clause 7.10 of the Collective Agreement clearly states:

"The Administrative Head shall not be a member of the Search Committee, but may meet with the Committee at its invitation, or upon his or her request. The Committee shall have the option of holding meetings in the absence of the Administrative Head. The Administrative Head shall have the option of attending any interview of a candidate with the committee, and shall be notified of the date and place of such interviews at the time the candidate is notified."

Requesting to meet with the Search Committee does not mean "sitting in" on all Search Committee meetings although there may be times when a committee decides it would like the Administrative Head to attend a meeting. The MUNFA Executive would like to stress the necessity for independence in the Search process. If you have questions and/or concerns, please contact the MUNFA office at ext. 8642 or e-mail to

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