MUNFA IB 2005/06:27

TO:		All MUNFA Members

FROM:		The MUNFA Executive Committee

DATE:		July 5, 2006

SUBJECT:	Travel Allocations/Surplus at Year End 2005/06

In February 2000, MUN and MUNFA signed a Memorandum of Understanding whereby at the end of each fiscal year, travel funds allocated as per Clause 26.02 that were not spent during the relevant fiscal year would be distributed under specific circumstances. These circumstances include:

  1. those who have used their Professional Development Expense Reimbursement (PDER) to supplement travel would be reimbursed all or some of the PDER.
  2. reimbursement from a grant of all or some travel costs charged to an ASM's grant.
  3. those who submitted receipts in excess of the amount they had been reimbursed.

The amounts of the reimbursements would be pro-rated depending on the surplus remaining for each Faculty or School.

In the 2005/06 fiscal year, the following Faculties or Schools reported surplus funds as of March 31, 2006. Below is a list of those Faculties and Schools:

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science


School of Nursing

$ 442.00

School of Social Work

$ 371.00

School of Pharmacy

$ 5,417.00

School of Human Kinetics and Recreation

$ 3,319.00

Sir Wilfred Grenfell College

$ 6,459.00

Counselling Centre

$ 1,091.00

Marine Institute

$ 600.00

To date, and to MUNFA's knowledge, these have not yet been disbursed. If you have reason to think you may be due a further reimbursement, please contact your Department Head, Director or Dean and Dr. J. E. Strawbridge, Director, Faculty Relations. If you have any questions, please contact the MUNFA office at or ext. 8642.

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