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Welcome to MUN DISC

MUN DISC is a minority centre dedicated to students with disabilities.

The centre is run by student volunteers.

One of the centre's main objectives is to help students with disabilities who are entering Memorial from high school or, those who have been away from academic life for a long time, adjust to campus life.

MUN DISC offers a social network where students with disabilities can meet each other. New students can avail of guidence and advice from members of MUN DISC who are already studing at Memorial.

The Centre offers a comfortable atmosphere for students to socialize with services such as: a telephone, computer with Internet access and even a refrigerator.

Members of the executive work with several on and off campus committees and organizations in order to help improve the campus evnironment for students with disabilities.

The membership of MUN DISC consists of students both with and without disabilities. We feel that it is improtant to respect diversity and we take every opportunity to interact with other organization on campus.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Keep exploring and find out what else MUN DISC can offer you!

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