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Audio & Video Documentaries

St. John's and Memorial University are home to some of the world's finest documentarians (see below). As part of their MA or PhD program, graduate students in ethnomusicology can avail of a course in audio or video documentary-making. The final products showcase students' writing, interviewing and editing skills and offer fascinating glimpses into their subjects' lives.  Happy listening and viewing!

Derek Norman is a St. John's filmmaker currently holding the position of co-ordinator at the Digital Research Centre at Memorial University. Mr. Norman is one of the founding members of the Newfoundland Independent Filmmakers Cooperative (NIFCO), as well as the Producers Association of Newfoundland. For the past 20 years, he has taught the Basic Filmmaking course at NIFCO. Mr. Norman has won numerous awards for film directing, editing and cinematography.

Chris Brookes directs the production company, Battery Radio, with studios at the bottom of the cliff where Marconi received the first trans-Atlantic wireless message in St. John's, Newfoundland. His radio documentaries have have won more than 30 awards, including the Peabody, Gabriel, Gracie, Armstrong, United Nations, Third Coast Festival/Robert H. Driehaus, and New York Radio Festival Grand awards in the US; Prix Italia, Prix Marulic, and Prix Europa Special Commendations for Documentary in Europe; and Canada's Atlantic Journalism Award, ACTRA Nellie, CAJ Best Investigative Journalism, and CBC President awards.