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The Innovator - Dr. Sherry Mantyka

"What if math and psychology came together in the classroom?"

Please click on the link above to access Dr. Mantyka's "Innovator" profile and interview with Caroline Alphonso, The Globe and Mail (Oct. 5, 2012) or pick up a print copy of The Globe and Mail for Friday, October 19, 2012, for the shorter "Innovator" profile.

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Dr. Sherry Mantya's interview with Caroline Hillier of CBC news, Sept. 6, 2012.

Why the math curriculum is failing our students.

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Also,  if you would like to understand the underlying structure of the Mathematics Learning Centre's learning stragegies, please watch this short video.

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There is less achieved by someone who finds the task easy than is achieved by someone who overcomes great obstacles in reaching the same goal.  The key element is to be a person of strong character - someone who wants to make the most of your life, no matter what the circumstances are.

(Taken from the The Math Plague:  How to Survive School Mathematics, by Dr. Sherry Mantyka, 2007, pg. 26).

You might also like to check out this interesting article by Margaret Wente published in The Globe and Mail, August 31, 2012. (Click on the text below for the full-text article).

"Why kids need to fail to succeed in school" - IQ isn't the key.  Nor is affluence.  What really matters?  The sheer grit to fall down, often, and get back up again. 


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