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M10XF Courses Offered Through Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support - DELTS



IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT re Distance Education Courses!

Math 102F IS NOW OPEN FOR WAITLIST REGISTRATION FOR THE FALL 2014 SEMESTER THRU MEMORIAL SELF-SERVICE. If you are interested in this course, you should register for the waitlist by AUGUST 21, 2014. The course will open for regular registration ONLY if the minimum threshold of registrations is reached by August 21.

Any student interested in Math 102N, Math 103F or Math 104F through Distance (DELTS) should contact the Mathematics Learning Centre at 709-864-3308 or



Students can waitlist for this course via the MUN Self-Service.  When the required minimum number of students have waitlilsted, the registration will open up and students who are waitlisted will be registered. 

Course Materials

Students are expected to purchase a textbook along with its accompanying student manual (second hand copies are acceptable, including earlier editions). The textbook is called Essential Mathematics by Rudolf Zimmer and the Student Manual for Essential Mathematics is also required.

The Course Outline, Course Manual and other materials are available online through Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support (DELTS) site - Memorial @ Home.

Other additional supplemental materials, when necessary, will be sent to the student or made available online.

Testing Procedures

For distance education students residing in the St. John's area, all module tests written during the semester will take place at the Mathematics Learning Centre during regular test centre hours.  For all other distance education students module tests will be mailed to the invigilator.

A time limit of 2 hours is imposed on the writing of all module tests.

Instructor Assistance

Individual help is available by phone at (709) 864-3308 most weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., or in person, by appointment only, Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. You can also contact your instructor by email at or by fax at (709) 864-2351.

More information on all aspects of these courses, including testing and evaluation will be sent to the student in writing at the beginning of the semester.