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Math 102N For Nursing Students Only


For Memorial University students accepted into the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program effective for the 2006/2007 academic year and beyond:

As a prerequisite to the second-year course, NURS 2004, Pharmacology and Nutritional Therapies, students writing the Mathematics Placement Test (MPT) must obtain a score of at least 50 to be allowed to register for this course.

Students not meeting this requirement, must upgrade their mathematics skills by completing Math 102N of the Mathematics Skills Program prior to registering for NURS 2004.

The MPT must be written no later than the start of the Fall semester in which the student is admitted to the Bachelor of Nursing program. Students can register for the MPT just like they register for their university courses. There is a writing of the MPT in early June for high school students. The MPT can also be written, on-campus, at the beginning of each semester. The specific dates, times and locations of the test are listed on Memorial's website as well as in the university's current undergraduate registration procedures booklet. There is no fee associated with writing the MPT.

Students are strongly encouraged to take Math 102N as soon as possible, i.e., in the Fall Semester. Students can register for Math 102N in the same way they register for any of their university courses and it carries the same tuition fee.

M102N is offered on-campus in the Fall, Winter and Spring semesters.

All Math 10XF Students are asked to fill out a student information form at the beginning of the semester. Any student completing Math 102N to fullfill the requirements for NURS 2004 should indicate on this form that they are a Nursing School student or planning on applying to the school of nursing. This will ensure that the student is assigned to the correct program of study and set of textbooks.

Please note that Nursing School students do not have to complete Math 103F or Math 104F.