Research in Maritime History is a series of monographs, collections of essays, bibliographies and original documents designed to further the study of maritime history. All past issues of RIMH are still available and may be purchased for US $25 (plus $5 postage & handling) each through the Maritime History Publications office or by contacting the Managing Editor, Ms Maggie Hennessey. Where Tables of Contents are available, links are provided and indicated thus.

Past Issues of RIMH - 1991-2012

No. 1 (1991) - David M. Williams and Andrew P. White (comps.), A Select Bibliography of British and Irish University Theses about Maritime History, 1792-1990

No. 2 (1992) - Lewis Fischer (ed.), From Wheel House to Counting House: Essays in Maritime Business History in Honour of Professor Peter Neville Davies

No. 3 (1992) - Lewis R. Fischer and Walter Minchinton (eds.), People of the Northern Seas

No. 4 (1993) - Simon Ville (ed.), Shipbuilding in the United Kingdom in the Nineteenth Century: A Regional Approach

No. 5 (1993) - Peter N. Davies (ed.), The Diary of John Holt

No. 6 (1994) - Simon Ville and David M. Williams (eds.), Management, Finance and Industrial Relations in Maritime Industries: Essays in International Maritime and Business History

No. 7 (1994) - Lewis R. Fischer (ed.), The Market for Seamen in the Age of Sail

No. 8 (1995) - Gordon Read and Michael Stammers (eds.), Guide to the Records of Merseyside Maritime Museum

No. 9 (1995) - Frank Broeze (ed.), Maritime History at the Crossroads: A Critical Review of Recent Historiography

No. 10 (1996) Nancy Redmayne Ross (ed.), The Diary of a Maritimer, 1816-1901: The Life and Times of Joseph Salter

No. 11 (1997) Faye Margaret Kert, Prize and Prejudice: Privateering and Naval Prize in Atlantic Canada in the War of 1812

No. 12 (1997) Malcolm Tull, A Community Enterprise: The History of the Port of Fremantle, 1897 to 1997

No. 13 (1997) Paul van Royen, Jaap Bruijn and Jan Lucassen (eds.), "Those Emblems of Hell"? European Sailors and The Maritime Labour Market, 1570-1870

No. 14 (1998) David J. Starkey and Gelina Harlaftis (eds.), Global Markets: The Internationalization of The Sea Transport Industries Since 1850

No. 15 (1998) Olaf Uwe Janzen (ed.), Merchant Organization and Maritime Trade in the North Atlantic, 1660-1815

No. 16 (1999) Lewis R. Fischer and Adrian Jarvis (eds.), Harbours and Havens: Essays in Port History in Honour of Gordon Jackson

No. 17 (1999) Dawn Littler (ed.), Guide to the Records of Merseyside Maritime Museum Volume II

No. 18 (2000) Lars U. Scholl (comp.), Merchants and Mariners: Selected Maritime Writings of David M. Williams

No. 19 (2000) Peter N. Davies, The Trade Makers: Elder Dempster in West Africa, 1852-1972, 1973-1989

No. 20 (2001) Anthony B. Dickinson and Chesley W. Sanger, Norwegian Whaling in Newfoundland: The Aquaforte Station and the Ellefsen Family, 1902-1908

No. 21 (2001) Poul Holm, Tim D. Smith and David Starkey (eds.), The Exploited Seas: New Directions for Marine Environmental History

No. 22 (2002) Gordon Boyce and Richard Gorski (eds.), Resources and Infrastructures in the Maritime Economy, 1500-2000

No. 23 (2002) Frank Broeze, The Globalisation of the Oceans: Containerisation from the 1950s to the Present

No. 24 (2003) Robin Craig, British Tramp Shipping, 1750-1914

No. 25 (2003) James Reveley, Registering Interest: Waterfront Labour Relations in New Zealand, 1953 to 2000

No. 26 (2003) Adrian Jarvis, In Troubled Times: The Port of Liverpool, 1905-1938

No. 27 (2004) Lars U. Scholl and Merja-Liisa Hinkkanen (comps.), Sail and Steam: Selected Maritime Writings of Yrj Kaukiainen

No. 28 (2004) Gelina Harlaftis and Carmel Vassallo (eds.), New Directions in Mediterranean Maritime History

No. 29 (2005) Gordon Jackson, The British Whaling Trade

No. 30 (2005) Lewis Johnman and Hugh Murphy, Scott Lithgow: Dj Vu All Over Again: The Rise and Fall of a Shipbuilding Company

No. 31 (2006) David Gleicher, The Rescue of the Third Class on the Titanic: A Revisionist History

No. 32 (2006) Stig Tenold, Tankers in Trouble: Norwegian Shipping and the Crisis of the 1970s and 1980s

No. 33 (2007) Torsten Feys, Lewis R. Fischer, Stphane Hoste and Stephan Vanfraechem (eds.), Maritime Transport and Migration: The Connections Between Maritime and Migration Networks

No. 34 (2007) A.B. Dickinson, Seal Fisheries of the Falkland Islands and Dependencies: An Historical Review

No. 35 (2007) Tapio Bergholm, Lewis R. Fischer, and M. Elisabetta Tonizzi (eds.), Making Global and Local Connections: Historical Perspectives on Ports

No. 36 (2008) Mark C. Hunter, Policing the Seas: Anglo-American Relations and the Equatorial Atlantic, 1819-1865

No. 37 (2008)  Lewis R. Fischer and Even Lange (eds.), International Merchant Shipping in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: The Comparative Dimension

No. 38 (2008) Adrian Jarvis and Robert Lee (eds.), Trade, Migration and Urban Networks in Port Cities, c.1640-1940

No. 39 (2009) Henry T. Chen, Taiwanese Distant-Water Fisheries in Southeast Asia 1936-1977

No. 40 (2009) John Armstrong, The Vital Spark: The British Coastal Trade 1700-1930

No. 41 (2009) Carina E. Ray and Jeremy Rich (eds.), Navigating African Maritime History

No. 42 (2010) S.G. Sturmey, British Shipping and World Competition

No. 43 (2010) Maria Fusaro and Amlia Polnia (eds.), Maritime History as Global History

No. 44 (2010) Silvia Marzagalli, James R. Sofka, and John McCusker (eds.), Rough Waters: American Involvement with the Mediterranean in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

No. 45 (2011) Jaap R. Bruijn, The Dutch Navy of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

No. 46 (2011)  Lewis R. Fischer and Even Lange (eds.), New Directions in Norwegian Maritime History

No. 47 (2011)  John Armstrong and David M. Williams, The Impact of Technological Change: The Early Steamship in Britain

No. 48 (2012)  Ralph Davis, The Rise of the English Shipping Industry in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

No. 49 (2012)  Gordon Boyce, The Growth and Dissolution of a Large-Scale Business Enterprise: The Furness Interest 1892-1919

No. 50 (2013)  Torsten Feys, The Battle for the Migrants: The Introduction of Steamshipping on the North Atlantic and Its Impact on the European Exodus

No. 51 (2013)  Anthony Slaven and Hugh Murphy (eds.), Crossing the Bar: An Oral History of the British Shipbuilding, Ship Repairing and Marine Engine Building Industries in the Age of Decline, 1956-1990

No. 52 (2013)
  Olaf U. Janzen, War and Trade in Eighteenth-Century Newfoundland

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