Research in Maritime History, Vol. 7

Lewis R. Fischer (ed.),
The Market for Seamen in the Age of Sail

Table of Contents

Lewis R. Fischer, "Introduction" / vii-ix


Carla Rahn Phillips, "Maritime Labour in Early Modern Spain" / 1-25

Vince Walsh, "Recruitment and Promotion: The Merchant Fleet of Salem, Massachusetts, 1670-1765" / 27-46

Paul C. van Royen, "Mariners and Markets in the Age of Sail: The Case of the Netherlands" / 47-57

David J. Starkey, "Pirates and Markets" / 59-80

David M. Williams, "‘Advance Notes’ and the Recruitment of Maritime Labour in Britain in the Nineteenth Century" / 81-100

Yrj Kaukiainen, "Finnish and International Maritime Labour in the Age of Sail: Was There a Market?" / 101-110

Lewis R. Fischer, "The Efficiency of Maritime Labour Markets in the Age of Sail: The Post-1850 Norwegian Experience" / 111-140

Morten Hahn-Pedersen and Poul Holm, "The Danish Maritime Labour Market, 1880-1900" / 141-166

Updated: July 17, 2012