Research in Maritime History, Vol. 6

Simon P. Ville and David M. Williams (eds.),
Management, Finance and Industrial Relations in Maritime Industries:
Essays in International Maritime and Business History


Table of Contents

Contributors / v-vii

Simon P. Ville and David M. Williams, "Introduction: Studies in Maritime Business History" / ix-xiii


Simon Ville, "Shipbuilding in the Northeast of England in the Nineteenth Century" / 1-43

Lewis R. Fischer and Helge W. Nordvik, "Economic Theory, Information and Management in Shipbroking: Fearnley and Eger as a Case Study, 1869-1972" / 1-29

Anthony R. Henderson and Sarah Palmer, "The Early Nineteenth-Century Port of London: Management and Labour in Three Dock Companies, 1800-1825" / 31-50

Yrj Kaukiainen, "Owners and Masters: Management and Managerial Skills in the Finnish Ocean-Going Fleet, c. 1840-1880" / 51-66

Jess M. Valdaliso, "Management, Profitability and Finance in Twentieth-Century Spanish Merchant Shipping: The CompaZia Maritima Del Nervion as a Case Study, 1899-1986" / 67-90

Martin Fritz and Kent Olsson, "Twentieth-Century Shipping Strategies: Brostrm and Transatlantic, Gothenburg’s Leading Shipping Companies" / 91-109

A.J Arnold and Robert G. Greenhill, "Contractors’ Bounties or Due Consideration?: Evidence on the Commercial Nature of The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company’s Mail Contracts, 1842-1905" / 111-137

Gelina Harlaftis, "Patterns of Ownership and Finance in the Greek Deep-Sea Steamship Fleet, 1880-1914" / 139-165

Giuseppe Conti, "Financial Weakness and Industrial Conflict in Italian Shipbuilding Between the Two World Wars" / 167-183

Yukio Yameshita. "Responding to the Global Market in Boom and Recession: Japanese Shipping and Shipbuilding Industries, 1945-1980" / 185-202

Kuo-tung Ch’en, "Shipping and Trade of Chinese Junks in Southeast Asia, 1730-1830: A Survey" / 203-214

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