Research in Maritime History, Vol. 41

Carina E. Ray and Jeremy Rich (eds.),
Navigating African Maritime History


Table of Contents

About the Editors / iii

Contributors’ Notes / v

Carina E. Ray and Jeremy Rich, “Introduction: Charted Routes and New Directions in the Study of Africa’s Maritime History” / 1

Gwyn Campbell, “Austronesian Mariners and Early Trans-Indian Ocean Crossings” / 19

Margaret Hanzimanolis, “Eight Hens per Man per Day: Shipwreck Survivors and Pastoral Abundance in Southern Africa” / 33

Ousmane Traoré, “State Control and Regulation of Commerce on the Waterways and Coast of Senegambia, ca. 1500-1800” / 57

Kevin Dawson, “Swimming, Surfing and Underwater Diving in Early Modern Atlantic Africa and the African Diaspora” / 81

Jeremy Rich, “Rough Sailing: Risks and Opportunities for Immigrant African Maritime Workers in Gabon, ca. 1860-1914” / 117

Ayodeji Olukoju, “Desertion, Dereliction and Destitution: The Travails of Stranded West African Seamen in the United Kingdom, ca. 1921-1934” / 139

Carina E. Ray, “‘The White Wife Problem:’ Sex, Race and the Contested Politics of Repatriation to Interwar British West Africa” / 163

Henry Trotter, “Sailing Beyond Apartheid: The Social and Political Impact of Seafaring on Coloured South African Sailors” / 189

Updated: January 22, 2010