Research in Maritime History, Vol. 4

Simon Ville (ed.),
Shipbuilding in the United Kingdom in the Nineteenth Century

Table of Contents

Simon Ville, "Introduction: Regional Fluctuations in United Kingdom Shipbuilding in the Nineteenth Century " / vii-xii


Simon Ville, "Shipbuilding in the Northeast of England in the Nineteenth Century" / 1-43

Sarah Palmer, "Shipbuilding in Southeast England, 1800-1913" / 45-74

David J. Starkey, "The Shipbuilding Industry of Southwest England, 1790-1913" / 75-110

Frank Neal, "Shipbuilding in the Northwest of England in the Nineteenth Century" / 111-152

Anthony Slaven, "Shipbuilding in Nineteenth-Century Scotland" / 153-176

Michael S. Moss, "Shipbuilding in Ireland in the Nineteenth Century" / 177-195

Updated: June 7, 2012