Research in Maritime History, Vol. 37

Lewis R. Fischer and Even Lange (eds.),
International Merchant Shipping in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries:
The Comparative Dimension


Table of Contents

Contributors’ Notes / iii

Lewis R. Fischer and Even Lange, "Introduction" / vii

Yrjö Kaukiainen, “Growth, Diversification and Globalization: Main Trends in International Shipping since 1850” / 1

Stig Tenold, “Norwegian Shipping in the Twentieth Century” / 57

Gelina Harlaftis, “The Greek Shipping Sector, c. 1850-2000” / 79

Peter N. Davies, “A Guide to the Emergence of Japan’s Modern Shipping Industries” / 105

Sarah Palmer, “British Shipping from the Late Nineteenth Century to the Present” / 125

Graeme J. Milne, “North of England Shipowners and Their Business Connections in the Nineteenth Century” / 143

Gordon Boyce, “Network Structures, Processes and Dynamics: Inter-firm Cooperative Frameworks in the Shipping Industry” / 165

Updated: February 27, 2009