Research in Maritime History, Vol. 35

Tapio Bergholm, Lewis R. Fischer, M. Elisabetta Tonizzi (eds.),
Making Global and Local Connections: Historical Perspectives on Ports

Table of Contents

Contributors’ Notes / iii

Tapio Bergholm, Lewis R. Fischer, and M. Elisabetta Tonizzi, "Introduction" / vii

Part I: Port Case Studies

Hubert Bonin and Bruno Marnot, “The International Scope of Bordeaux Port: Logistics, Economic Effects and Business Cycles in the  Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries” / 1

 Edouard Guionnet, “The Lancashire Cotton Lobby and the Making of the Manchester Ship Canal from 1883 to the Interwar Period” / 23

 Jeronimo G.R. Monteiro, “Mormugao Port: The Golden Gateway to Goa” / 43

 Stéphane Hoste, Reginald Loyen and Stephan Vanfraechem, “New Perspectives on Port Competition: Antwerp and Rotterdam, 1945-1975” / 57

 Malcolm Tull, “The Environmental Impact of Ports: An Australian Case Study” / 85

 Chih-lung Lin, “A Survey of the Operations of the Port of Kaohsiung, 1949-1957: The Policies for Survival?” / 107

 Part II: Port Systems

 Amélia Polónia, “The Northwest Portuguese Seaport System in the Early Modern Period” / 113

 Kari Teräs, “Discourse and the Container Revolution in Finland in the 1960s and 1970s” / 137

 Marc Badia-Miró, “The Ports of Northern Chile: A Mining History in Long-run Perspective, 1880-2002” / 153

 Hülya Günaydin, “Globalisation and Privatisation of Ports in Turkey” / 171

Updated: May 12, 2008