Research in Maritime History, Vol. 33

Torsten Feys, Lewis R. Fischer, Stéphane Hoste and Stephan Vanfraechem (eds.),
Maritime Transport and Migration: The Connections Between Maritime and Migration Networks

Table of Contents

Contributors’ Notes / iii


Stéphane Hoste and Lewis R. Fischer, "Migration and Maritime Networks in the Atlantic Economy: An Introduction" / 1

Jelle van Lottum, "The First Waves of Internationalization: A Comparison of Early Modern North Sea and Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Labour Migrations" / 9

Torsten Feys, "The Battle for the Migrants: The Evolution from Port to Company Competition, 1840-1914" / 27

Nicholas J. Evans, "The Role of Foreign-born Agents in the Development of Mass Migrant Travel through Britain, 1851-1924" / 49

Nicolas Manitakis, "Transatlantic Emigration and Maritime Transport from Greece to the US, 1890-1912: A Major Area of European Steamship Company Competition for Migrant Traffic" / 63

Annemarie Steidl, "The ‘Relatives and Friends Effect:’ Migration Networks of Transatlantic Migrants from the Late Habsburg Monarchy" / 75

G. Balachandran, "Crossing the Last Frontier: Transatlantic Movements of Asian Maritime Workers, c. 1900-1945" / 97

Drew Keeling, "Costs, Risks and Migration Networks between Europe and the United States, 1900-1914" / 113

Michael B. Miller, "Conclusion" / 175

Updated: August 21, 2007