Research in Maritime History, Vol. 3

Lewis R. Fischer and WalterMinchinton,
People of the Northern Seas

Table of Contents

Contributors / iii-vi

Lewis R. Fischer and Walter Minchinton, "Introduction" / vii-xv


Olaf Uwe Janzen, " ‘Une Petite Republic’ in Southwestern Newfoundland: The Limits of Imperial Authority in a Remote Maritime Environment" / 1-33

Judith Ball Bruce, "Changes in Aleut Communities Following Russian Contact" / 35-46

Yrj Kaukiainen, "Five Years Before the Mast: Observations on the Conditions of Maritimes Labour in Finland and Elsewhere" / 47-62

Merja-Liisa Hinkkanen, "Expressions of Longing, Sources of Anxiety? The Significance of Contacts with Home for Finnish Sailors in London and Hull in the Late Nineteenth Century" / 63-79

Ian G. Layton, "Death of a Merchant" / 81-98

George E. Munro, "St Petersburg’s Bills of Exchange in the Russian Economy of the Eighteenth Century" / 99-113

David M. Williams and Jonathan M. Hutchings, "Shipowners and Iron Sailing Ships: The First Twenty Years, 1838-1857" / 115-133

Lewis R. Fischer and Helge W. Nordvik, "The Growth of Norwegian Shipbroking: The Practices of Fearnley and Eger as a Case Study, 1869-1914" / 135-155

Richard H. Warner, "Captain John Deane: Mercenary, Diplomat and Spy" / 157-173

Walter Minchinton, "Her Majesty’s Coastguard" / 175-189

Poul Holm, "Coastal Life, ‘Nordic Culture’ and Nation State: Reflections on the Formation of the Nation State and Maritime History" / 191-204


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