Research in Maritime History, Vol. 21

Poul Holm, Tim D. Smith and David J. Starkey (eds.),
The Exploited Seas:
New Directions for Marine Environmental History


Table of Contents

Poul Holm, David J. Starkey and Tim D. Smith, "Introduction" / xiii-xix


David J. Starkey and Michael Haines, "The Newfoundland Fisheries, c. 1500-1900: A British Perspective" / 1-11

Ransom A. Myers, "Testing Ecological Models: The Influence of Catch Rates on Settlement of Fishermen in Newfoundland, 1710-1833" / 13-29

Sean T. Cadigan and Jeffrey A. Hutchings, "Nineteenth-Century Expansion of the Newfoundland Fishery for Atlantic Cod: An Exploration of Underlying Causes" / 31-65

Julia Lajus, Yaroslava Alekseeva, Ruslan Davydov, Zoya Dmitrieva, Alexei Kraikovski, Dmitry Lajus, Vladimir Lapin, Vadim Mokievsky, Alexei Yurchenko and Daniel Alexandrov, "Status and Potential of Historical and Ecological Studies on Russian Fisheries in the White and Barents Seas: The Case of the Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar)" / 67-96

Poul Holm and Maibritt Bager, "The Danish Fisheries, c. 1450-180: Medieval and Early Modern Sources and Their Potential for Marine Environmental History" / 97-122

R.C. Francis, "Historical Approaches to the Northern California Current Ecosystem" / 123-139

Chris Reid, "Potential for Historical-Eclogical Studies of Latin America Fisheries" / 141-166

Lance van Sittert, "The South African Fisheries: A Preliminary Survey of Historical Sources" / 167-180

Malcolm Tull and Tom Polacheck, "The Potential for Historical Studies of Fisheries in Australia and New Zealand" / 181-205

Tim D. Smith, "Examining Cetacean Ecology Using Historical Fishery Data" / 207-214

Poul Holm, David J. Starkey and Tim D. Smith, "Epilogue" / 215-216

Updated: July 17, 2012