Research in Maritime History, Vol. 2

Lewis R. Fischer,
From Wheelhouse to Counting House:
Essays in Maritime Business History
in Honour of Professor Peter Neville Davies


Table of Contents

Contributors / v-viiii

Lewis R. Fischer, "Introduction" / ix-xiv


Peter Mathias, "Peter Neville Davies: A Tribute" / 1-3

David M. Williams, "Peter Neville Davies: An Appreciation" / 5-16

Gordon Jackson, "Do Docks Make Trade?: The Case of the Port of Great Grimsby" / 17-41

J. Forbes Munro, "The ‘Scrubby Scotch Screw Company’: British India Steam Navigation Co.’s Coastal Services in South Asia, 1862-1870" / 43-72

Robert G. Greenhill, "Bureaucrats, Businessmen and Bananas: The Colonial Office and Shipping Services in the West Indies, 1885-1925" / 73-96

Andrew Armitage, "Shipbuilding at Belfast: Workman, Clark and Company, 1880-1935" / 97-124

Tony Slaven, "Marketing Opportunities and Marketing Practices: The Eclipse of British Shipbuilding, 1957-1976" / 125-151

P.L. Cottrell, "Liverpool Shipowners, the Mediterranean, and the Transition from Sail to Steam During the Mid-Nineteenth Century" / 153-202

Frank Neal, "Bigots or Patriots? The Political and Religious Allegiances of the Liverpool Ships’ Carpenters, 1815-1851" / 203-244

Adrian Jarvis, "Alfred Jones: Integration and Adversity in Liverpool" / 245-266

Michael K. Stammers, "The Mary and the Lady Lansdowne" / 267-271

Frank Broeze, "Merchants from Sail to Steam: The West Australian Shipping Association and the Evolution of the Conference System, 1884-1910" / 273-301

Lewis R. Fischer and Anders M. Fon, The Making of a Maritime Firm: The Rise of Fearnley and Eger, 1859-1917" / 303-322

Helge W. Nordvik, "Entrepreneurship and Risk-Taking in the Norwegian Shipping Industry in the Early Part if the Twentieth Century: The Case of Lauritz Kloster,
    Stavanger" / 323-348

Lars U. Scholl, "The Harriman-Hamburg-American Line Agreement of June 1920: The Foremost German Shipping Company’s Return to the Seas" / 349-381

Andrew Armitage, "Peter Neville Davies: A Bibliography" / 383-387

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