Research in Maritime History, Vol. 16

Lewis R. Fischer and Adrian Jarvis (eds.),
Harbours and Havens:
Essays in Port History in Honour of Gordon Jackson


Table of Contents

Lewis R. Fischer and Adrian Jarvis, "Introduction" / xi-xiv


Lewis R. Fischer and Peter N. Davies, "Gordon Jackson: An Appreciation" / 1-12

Adrian Jarvis, "Port History: Some Thoughts on Where it Came from and Where it Might be Going" / 13-34

Graeme J. Milne, "Port Politics: Interest, Faction and Port Management in Mid-Victorian Liverpool" / 35-62

David J. Starkey and Richard Gorski, " ‘Our Little Company:’ The Wilsons and North Eastern Railway Shipping Company Limited, 1906-1935" / 63-88

Carol Hill, "The Changing Functions of a Rural Port: Dumfries, 1700-1850" / 89-110

Malcolm Tull, "Australian Ports Since 1945" / 111-138

Peter N. Davies, "Aspinall, Cornes and Company and the Early Development of the Port of Yokohama" / 139-158

Frank Broeze, "Dubai: From Creek to Global Port City" / 159-190

Lars U. Scholl, "New York’s German Suburb: The Creation of the Port of Bremerhaven, 1827-1918" / 191-211

Poul Holm, "Capital and Labour in the Port Town of Esbjerg, 1945-1999" / 213-228

Lewis R. Fischer, "Port Policies: Seaport Planning around the North Atlantic, 1850-1939" / 229-244

Lewis R. Fischer (compiler), "Gordon Jackson: A Bibliography" / 245-250

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