Research in Maritime History, Vol. 15

Olaf Uwe Janzen (ed.),

Merchant Organization and Maritime Trade in the North Atlantic, 1660-1815

Table of Contents

Contributors / v

Preface / ix

Ian K. Steele, "Introduction" / 1-13

John F. Bosher, "The Gaigneur clan in the seventeenth-century Canada trade" / 15-51

Nuala Zahedieh, "Credit, risk and reputation in late seventeenth-century colonial trade" / 53-74

R.C. Nash, "The Huguenot diaspora and the development of the Atlantic economy: Huguenots and the growth of the South Carolina
    economy, 1680-1775" / 75-105

Johannes Postma, "Breaching the mercantile barriers of the Dutch colonial empire : North American trade with Surinam during the
    eighteenth century" / 107-131

Olaf U. Janzen, "A Scottish venture in the Newfoundland fish trade, 1726-1727" / 133-153

Aingeru Zabala Uriarte, "The consolidation of Bilbao as a trade centre in the second half of the seventeenth century" / 155-173

Daniel A. Rabuzzi, "Cutting out the middleman? American trade in northern Europe, 1783-1815" / 175-197

Silvia Marzagalli, "A vital link in wartime: the organization of a trade and shipping network between the United States and Bordeaux,
    1793-1815" / 199-219

Anna Agnarsdttir, "The challenge of war on maritime trade in the North Atlantic : the case of the British trade to Iceland during the
    Napoleonic wars" / 221-258

Henry G. Roseveare, "Merchant organization and maritime trade in the North Atlantic, 1660-1815 : some reflections" / 259-267

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