Research in Maritime History, Vol. 14

David J. Starkey and Gelina Harlaftis (eds.),
Global Markets: The Internationalization of the Sea Transport Industries Since 1850

Table of Contents

Contributors / v

David J. Starkey and Gelina Harlaftis, "Introduction" / ix-xvii


Yrj Kaukiainen, "International Freight Markets in the 1830's and 1840's: The Experience of a Major Finnish Shipowner" / 1-27

Edward W. Sloan, "The First (and Very Secret) International Steamship Cartel, 1850-1856" / 29-52

Robert G. Greenhill, "Competition or Co-operation in the Global Shipping Industry: The Origins and Impact of the Conference System for British Shipowners before 1914" / 53-80

William D. Wray, "National Alliances and Global Webs: The Internationalization of Japanese Shipping" / 81-102

Jochen Blsing and Ton Langenhuyzen, "Dutch Sea Transport in Transition: The German Hinterland as Catalyst, 1850-1914" / 103-126

William Henry Flayhart III, "The Expansion of American Interests in Transatlantic Commerce and Trade, 1865-1893" / 127-147

Katayama Kunio, "The Expansion of Japan’s Shipping Interests before the Sino-Japanese War" / 149-161

Mariko Tatsuki, "Cooperation and Reorganization on the North-South Routes from Japan in the Interwar Period" / 163-194

Lars U. Scholl, "The Global Communications Industry and Its Impact on International Shipping before 1914" / 195-215

Adrian Jarvis, "The Nineteenth-Century Roots of Globalization: Some Technological Considerations" / 217-237

Poul Holm, "The Global Fish Market: Internationalization and Globalization, 1880-1997" / 239-258

Bjrrn L. Basberg, "Convergence or National Styles? The Japanese Challenge to the British-Norwegian Hegemony in the Twentieth-Century Whaling Industry" / 259-283

Vassilis Kardasis, "International Trends and Greek Shipping: The Business Strategy of Demetrios Moraitis, 1893-1908" / 285-301

John Theotokas, "Organizational and Managerial Patters of Greek-Owned Shipping Enterprises and the Internationalization Process from the Interwar Period to 1990" / 303-318

Lewis Johnman, "Internationalization and the Collapse of British Shipbuilding, 1945-1973" / 319-353

Shin Goto, "Globalization and International Competitiveness: The Experience of the Japanese Shipping Industry since the 1960's" / 355-383

Frank Broeze, "Containerization and the Globalization of Liner Shipping" / 385-423

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