Contents of the International Journal of Maritime History
Volume XXIV, Number 1 (June 2012)

Editor-in-Chief's Note / xi

Contributors / xiii


Charles R. Foy, “Sewing a Safety Net: Scarborough’s Maritime Community, 1747-1765” / 1

J.N.F.M. à Campo, “Joseph Conrad’s ‘Youth:’ A Sea Story between History and Fiction” / 29

Anthony J. Arnold, “Sheffield to the Rescue of the ‘New Liverpool’? The Impact of Vickers on Shipbuilding Activities in Barrow-in-Furness” / 61

Ulises Granados, “Modernization and Regionalism in South China: Notes on Coastal Navigation in Guangdong Province during the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century” / 89

Alston Kennerley, “British Merchant Seafarers and Their Homes, 1895-1970” / 115

René Taudal Poulsen, Brian Vejrum Wæhrens and Anders Paarup Nielsen, “Global Shifts in Marine Manufacturing, 1950-2010: A Case for the Onshore Expansion of Maritime History” / 147

Chesley W. Sanger, “The Rise of Scotland to a Position of Dominance in British Northern Whaling, 1802-1840” / 173

John R. Beck, “History and Memory: Commemorations for SS Edmund Fitzgerald”/ 203


Apostolos Delis, “Shipping Finance and Risks in Sea Trade during the French Wars: Maritime Loan Operations in the Republic of Ragusa” / 229


Christina Deggim, “Thematic Inventory: Archival Sources for Maritime Traffic and the Related Flow of Goods and Culture in Northern Germany from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century” / 243


Silvia Marzagalli, “Clio and the Machine: New Database Projects in Maritime History” / 253

David Eltis, “Some Implications from the Transatlantic Slave Trade for Maritime Databases” / 257

Stephen D. Behrendt, Carl W. Blackmun, Linda R. Gray and Robert A. Hurley, “Designing a Multi-Source Relational Database: ‘Liverpool as a Trading Port, 1700-1850’” / 265

Werner Scheltjens and Jan Willem Veluwenkamp, “Sound Toll Registers Online: Introduction and First Research Examples” / 301

Jean-Pierre Dedieu, Silvia Marzagalli, Pierrick Pourchasse and Werner Scheltjens, “Navigocorpus at Work: A Brief Overview of the Potential of a Database” / 331


John Armstrong; Clive Dewey, Paul Fontenoy; C. Knick Harley; Walter Lewis; Brian Osborne; William H. Phillips; and Robb Robinson, “Reviews of Robert Gudmestad, Steamboats and the Rise of the Cotton Kingdom” / 361

Robert Gudmestad, “Steamboats and the Rise of the Cotton Kingdom. A Roundtable Response” / 400


Lawrence C. Wroth; John B. Hattendorf (rev. & ed.), The Way of a Ship: An Essay on the Literature of Navigation Science, along with Some American Contributions to the Art of Navigation 1519-1802 by W.F.J. Mörzer Bruyns / 405

Andrew Tabak, An Unimportant Ship, The Brig Pavilion 1829-1863 by Eric J. Ruff / 406

Geoff Hunt, The Sea Painter’s World: The New Marine Art of Geoff Hunt by John McKay / 407

John Delaney, Strait Through: Magellan to Cook & the Pacific / An Illustrated History by John Robson / 409

William V. Harris and Kristine Iara (eds.), Supplement 84. Maritime Technology in the Ancient Economy: Ship Design and Navigation by Ruthy Gertwagen / 410

Rila Mukherjee (ed.), Pelagic Passageways: The Northern Bay of Bengal Before Colonialism by Himanshu Prabha Ray / 412

 John Newsome Crossley, Hernando de los Ríos Coronel and the Spanish Philippines in the Golden Age by Paul D. Buell / 413

 Tonio Andrade, Lost Colony: The Untold Story of China's First Great Victory over the West by Kent G. Deng / 415

 Filipa Ribeiro da Silva, Dutch and Portuguese in Western Africa: Empires, Merchants and the Atlantic System, 1580-1674 by Robin Law / 416

 Henk den Heijer and Ben Teensma, Nederlands-Brazilië in kaart. Nederlanders in het Atlantisch gebied, 1600-1650 by Leo M. Akveld / 418

 Michel Fontenay, La Méditerranée entre la Croix et le Croissant: Navigation, commerce, course et piraterie (xvie-xixe siècle) by Colin Heywood / 419

 Paul Auchterlonie (ed.), Encountering Islam: Joseph Pitts – An English Slave in 17th-century Algiers and Mecca by Alan G. Jamieson / 421

 Junko Thérèse Takeda, Between Crown and Commerce: Marseille and the Early Modern Mediterranean by Silvia Marzagalli / 423

 Susan Rose, The Wine Trade in Medieval Europe, 1000-1500 by Wendy R. Childs / 426


Leos Müller, Philipp Rössner, Toshiaki Tamaki (eds.), The Rise of the Atlantic Economy and the North Sea/Baltic Trades, 1500-1800. Proceedings of the XVth World Economic History Congress (Utrecht, Netherlands 2009) by G. Alan Metters / 427

Christian J. Koot, Empire at the Periphery: British Colonists, Anglo-Dutch Trade, and the Development of the British Atlantic, 1621-1713 by Noah L. Gelfand / 429

 Kevin Costello, The Court of Admiralty of Ireland, 1575-1893 by Edda Frankot / 430

 Elaine Murphy (ed.), A Calendar of Material Relating to Ireland from the High Court of Admiralty 1641-1660 by John Mannion / 432

 Sebastian I. Sobecki (ed.), The Sea and Englishness in the Middle Ages: Maritime Narratives, Identity and Culture by Bernhard Klein / 434

Fabio López Lázaro, The Misfortunes of Alonso Ramírez: The True Adventures of a Spanish American with 17th-Century Pirates by Raymond John Howgego / 435

Cheryl A. Fury (ed.), The Social History of English Seamen, 1485-1649 by Thierry Drapeau / 437

Mushirul Hasan and Nishat Zaidi (trans. & ed.), A Voyage to Modernism: Syed Ahmed Khan by Michael H. Fisher / 439

Vanessa Smith, Intimate Strangers: Friendship, Exchange and Pacific Encounters and Nicholas Thomas, Islanders: The Pacific in the Age of Empire by Chris Ballard / 440

Peggy Brock, The Many Voyages of Arthur Wellington Clah: A Tsimshian Man on the Pacific Northwest Coast by Robin Fisher / 443

Rebecca Shumway, The Fante and the Transatlantic Slave Trade by Ralph A. Austen / 444

James Walvin, The Zong: A Massacre, the Law, and the End of Slavery by Ty M. Reese / 445

John Newton; Vincent McInerney (ed. & intro.), Slaver Captain by Trevor Burnard / 446

Siân Rees, Sweet Water and Bitter: The Ships That Stopped the Slave Trade by James Davey / 447

Farley Grubb, German Immigration and Servitude in America, 1709-1920 by Marianne S. Wokeck / 449

Donna R. Gabaccia and Dirk Hoerder (eds.), Connecting Seas and Connected Ocean Rims: Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans and China Seas Migrations from the 1830s to the 1930s by Raymond L. Cohn / 451

Frances Steel, Oceania Under Steam: Sea Transport and the Cultures of Colonialism, c.1870-1914 by Matt K. Matsuda / 453

Paul A. Van Dyke, Merchants of Canton and Macao: Politics and Strategies in Eighteenth-Century Trade by Dian Murray / 455

Jonathan Goldstein, Stephen Girard’s Trade with China, 1787-1824: The Norms versus the Profits of Trade by Paul E. Fontenoy / 457

Andrew Hopper (ed.), The World of John Secker (1716-95), Quaker Mariner by David J. Starkey / 458

David Jenkins, From Ship’s Cook to Baronet: Sir William Reardon Smith’s Life in Shipping 1856-1935 by Gordon Boyce / 459

Kevin Cullinane (ed.), International Handbook of Maritime Economics by Michael Roe / 461

Alex Kemp, The Official History of North Sea Oil and Gas. Volume I: The Growing Dominance of the State; Volume 2: Moderating the State’s Role by René Taudal Poulsen / 462

Brunot Marnot, Les grands ports de commerce français et la mondialisation au XIXe siècle by Hubert Bonin / 465

Andreas Kunz, Lars U. Scholl (eds.), Die Deutsche Seeschiffahrt 1821-1989: Ein Datenhandbuch by Lewis R. Fischer / 466

Kenneth Blume, Historical Dictionary of the U.S. Maritime Industry by Arthur Donovan / 468

Hermann Sandmann; Ursula Feldkamp and Karl-Wilhelm Wedel (eds.), Lebenserinnerungen eines alten Seefahrers; oder Erlebnisse und Beobachtungen von frühester Jugen bis zum 78. Lebensjahre by Jann M. Witt / 469

Uwe Hansen, Dirk Poppinga, 100 Jahre Viermastbark Passat: Leben und Lehrnen an Bord. Ein Bilddokumentation der Reisen 1956 und 1957 by Alston Kennerley / 470

David J. Stewart, The Sea Their Graves: An Archaeology of Death and Remembrance in Maritime Culture by Morgiana P. Halley / 471

Linda Maria Koldau, Titanic: Das Schiff, der Untergang, die Legenden by Michael L. Hadley / 473

Kale Bantigue Fajardo, Filipino Crosscurrents: Oceanographies of Seafaring, Masculinities, and Globalization by Jo Stanley / 474

Henry Trotter, Sugar Girls and Seamen: A Journey into the World of Dockside Prostitution in South Africa by Rachel Mulhearn / 476

Ludger Müller-Wille and Bernd Gieseking; William Barr (trans.), Inuit and Whalers on Baffin Island Through German Eyes: Wilhelm Weike’s Arctic Journal and Letters (1883-84) by Ingo Heidbrink / 477

Nelson Cole Haley; Vincent McInerney (ed. & intro.), Whale Hunter by Glenn M. Grasso / 479

Brian Joseph Payne, Fishing a Borderless Sea: Environmental Territorialism in the North Atlantic, 1818-1910 by Sean T. Cadigan / 480

Jeremy B.C. Jackson, Karen Alexander, and Enric Sala (eds.), Shifting Baselines: The Past and the Future of Ocean Fisheries by Trevor Kenchington / 482

Nathan Young and Ralph Matthews, The Aquaculture Controversy in Canada: Activism, Policy, and Contested Science by Miriam Wright / 483

Katrin Rupprecht, Der deutsch-isländische Fischereizonenstreit 1972-1976: Krisenfall für die NATO? Anhand der Akten des Auswärtigen Amtes by Katharina Jantzen / 485

Mahon Hayes, The Law of the Sea: The Role of the Irish Delegation at the Third UN Conference by Ted L. McDorman / 486

Paul Arthur Berkman, Environmental Security in the Arctic Ocean: Promoting Co-operation and Preventing Conflict by Raymond Snook / 488

Richard Gorski (ed.), Roles of the Sea in Medieval England by David Beougher / 489

C.S. Knighton and David Loades (eds.), The Navy of Edward VI and Mary I by Ian Friel / 491

Alexzandra Hildred (ed.), Weapons of Warre: The Armaments of the Mary Rose by Brad Loewen / 493

David S.T. Blackmore, Warfare on the Mediterranean in the Age of Sail: A History, 1571-1866 by William Henry Flayhart III / 495

Jaap Bruijn, Ronald Prud’homme van Reine, Rolof van Hövell tot Westerflier (eds.), De Ruyter, Dutch Admiral by Michiel A.G. de Jong / 497

Donald Stoker, Kenneth J. Hagan, Michael T. McMaster (eds.), Strategy in the American War of Independence: A Global Approach by Stephen Conway / 498

Sam Willis, The Glorious First of June: Fleet Battle in the Reign of Terror by Edward M. Furgol / 500

Ann Coats and Philip MacDougall (eds.), The Naval Mutinies of 1797: Unity and Perseverance by Martin Hubley / 501

Brian Arthur, How Britain Won the War of 1812: The Royal Navy’s Blockades of the United States, 1812-1815 by Barry Gough / 503

Kevin D. McCranie, Utmost Gallantry: The U.S. and Royal Navies at Sea in the War of 1812 by Andrew Lambert / 505

George C. Daughan, 1812: The Navy’s War by Michael J. Crawford / 507

Jason R. Musteen, Nelson’s Refuge: Gibraltar in the Age of Napoleon by Janet Macdonald / 508

James McCarthy, That Curious Fellow, Captain Basil Hall, RN by Jane Samson / 509

Andrew Lambert, The Crimean War-British Grand Strategy against Russia, 1853-56 by Nicholas Tracy / 511

David A. Mindell, Iron Coffin: War, Technology, and Experience aboard the USS Monitor by William H. Roberts / 512

Nicholas Papastratigakis, Russian Imperialism and Naval Power: Military Strategy and the Build-Up to the Russo-Japanese War by M. Stephen Salmon / 514

Shawn T. Grimes, Strategy and War Planning in the British Navy, 1887-1918 by Jon Sumida / 516

Robert L. Davison, The Challenges of Command: The Royal Navy’s Executive Branch Officers, 1880-1919 by C.I. Hamilton / 518

Nicholas A. Lambert, Planning Armageddon: British Economic Warfare and the First World War by N.A.M. Rodger / 519

Paul Halpern (ed.), The Mediterranean Fleet, 1919-1929 by Keith Neilson / 521

Spencer C. Tucker (ed.), World War II at Sea: An Encyclopedia by Jeff Reardon / 523

Niklas Zetterling and Michael Tamelander, Bismarck: The Final Days of Germany’s Greatest Battleship by Eric C. Rust / 524

Peter Mauch, Sailor Diplomat: Nomura Kichisaburō and the Japanese-American War by Robert Hellyer / 526

Geoffrey Till and Patrick Bratton (eds.), Sea Power and the Asia-Pacific: The Triumph of Neptune? by Dennis Rumley / 527

James C. Bussert and Bruce A. Elleman, People’s Liberation Army Navy: Combat Systems Technology, 1949-2010 by Bernard D. Cole / 529

James Kraska, Contemporary Maritime Piracy: International Law, Strategy, and Diplomacy at Sea by Christopher Spearin / 531

Andrew Forbes (ed.), Australia’s Response to Piracy: A Legal Response and Stuart Kaye and Lowell Bautista, The Naval Protection of Shipping in the 21st Century: An Australian Perspective by Angus Topshee / 532

Claude Berube and Patrick Cullen (eds.), Maritime Private Security: Market Responses to Piracy, Terrorism and Waterborne Security Risks in the Twenty-First Century by Brian Wilson / 533


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