Contents of the International Journal of Maritime History
Volume XIX, Number 1 (June 2007)

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Contributors / xiii


Richard Gorski, "‘Purely a Question of Policy:’ Undermanning and the Late Victorian Merchant Marine" / 1

J.N.F.M. B Campo, "Asymmetry, Disparity and Cyclicity: Charting the Piracy Conflict in Colonial Indonesia" / 35

Cees de Voogd, "Shipbuilding in West Germany and the Netherlands, 1960-1980" / 63

Christopher P. Magra, "Faith at Sea: Exploring Maritime Religiosity in the Eighteenth Century" / 87

Chris Madsen, "Dollars, Diplomacy and Fleets: John Maynard Keynes and Stage II Naval Requirements for the War against Japan" / 107

John Armstrong and David M. Williams, "The Steamship as an Agent of Modernisation, 1812-1840" / 145

Maria Christina Chatziioannou, "Shaping Greek-Tunisian Commercial Relations in the Ottoman Mediterranean World: The Efessios Merchant House" / 161

Ruthy Gertwagen, "The Island of Corfu in Venetian Policy in the Fourteenth and Early Fifteenth Centuries" / 181


Katrina Towner, "Medicine and Politics: The Abolition of English Quarantine, 1872-1896" / 211

Tapio Bergholm, "Port Traffic and Structural Change in the Finnish Economy and Transport Network in the Twentieth Century" / 225


Lewis Johnman and Hugh Murphy, "Maritime and Business History in Britain: Past, Present and Future?" / 239


Rhys Richards, "Nathaniel Ames: A Bostonian in the Antarctic in 1821" / 271


Trevor G. Burnard; David Eltis; Henk den Heijer; Ty Reese; I.K. Steele; Anoush F. Terjanian; Daniel Vickers; and James Walvin, "Reviews of Emma Christopher, Slave Ship Sailors and Their Captive Cargoes, 1730-1807" / 287

Emma Christopher, "Slave Ship Sailors: A Roundtable Response" / 333


I.C.B. Dear and Peter Kemp (eds.), Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea by John H. Harland / 343

Erik Hoops, Ursula Feldkamp (eds.), Deutsches Schiffahrtsarchiv 28 (2005): Wissenschaftliches Jahrbuch des Deutschen Schiffahrtsmuseums by Timm Weski / 344

Robert Lloyd Webb, Sailor-Painter: The Uncommon Life of Charles Robert Patterson by Gerard Curtis / 346

Peter R. Sinclair and Rosemary E. Ommer (eds.), Power and Restructuring: Canada’s Coastal Society and Environment by William Parenteau / 348

Cleophas Belvin, The Forgotten Labrador: Kegashka to Blanc-Sablon by Carol Brice-Bennett / 350

Angela Schottenhammer and Roderich Ptak (eds.), The Perception of Maritime Space in Traditional Chinese Sources by Paul A. Van Dyke / 352

Charlotte von Verschuer; Kristen Lee Hunter (trans.), Across the Perilous Sea: Japanese Trade with China and Korea from the Seventh to the Sixteenth Centuries by Kent G. Deng / 353

Ann Brogini, Malte, FrontiPre de Chrétienté (1530-1670) by Molly Greene / 355

Jean-Claude Hocquet, Venise et la mer XIIe-XVIIIe siécle by Matteo Casini / 356

Erik Grbel and Christian Lemée (eds.), Skibsbyggeri og srfart i RenÉssancen by KDre Lauring  / 358

Stuart Jenks (ed.), Robert Sturmy’s Commercial Expedition to the Mediterranean (1457/8) by Pauline Croft / 359

Jörg Ulbert and Gérard Le Bouëdec (eds.), La function consulaire B l’époque moderne. L’Affirmation d’une institution économique et politique (1500-1700) by Dale Miquelon / 361

Monique Le Pelley Fonteny and Gilles Désiré dit Gosset (eds.), Mémoires d’un Terre-Neuvas granvillais. Eustache Le Pelley Fonteny (1745-1820) by Peter E. Pope / 363

John Belchem (ed.), Liverpool 800: Culture, Character, History by Adrian Jarvis / 364

Derek Hayes, Historical Atlas of Vancouver and the Lower Fraser Valley by Anthony Beresford / 367

Maurice D. Smith, Steamboats on the Lakes by Robert W. Graham / 368

Pierre Camu, Le Saint-Laurent et les Grands Lacs au temps de la vapeur, 1850-1950 by Garth Wilson / 369

John Boileau, Samuel Cunard: Nova Scotia’s Master of the North Atlantic and John G. Langley, Steam Lion: A Biography of Samuel Cunard by David A. Walker / 371

Freda Harcourt; Sarah Palmer (afterword), Flagships of Imperialism: The P & O Company and the Politics of Empire from Its Origins to 1867 by M. Stephen Salmon / 373

Philip Dawson, The Liner: Retrospective & Renaissance by Jan Drent / 374

Nick S. Robins and Donald E. Meek, The Kingdom of MacBrayne: From Steamships to Car-ferries in the West Highlands and Hebrides, 1820-2005 by Robert G. Greenhill / 376

David Gleicher, The Rescue of the Third Class on the Titanic: A Revisionist History by Alexander Varias / 377

Robin Haines, Doctors At Sea: Emigrant Voyages to Colonial Australia by John Carmody / 378

Elena María Ruiz Romero de la Cruz, Historia de la navegación comercial espaZola: tráfico de los puertos de titularidad estatal desde la antigüedad a la conclusión del siglo XX by Jesús Mirás-Araujo / 380

Atle Thowsen and Stig Tenold, Odfjell: The History of a Shipping Company by Michael Miller / 382

Sara E. Wermiel, Lighthouses by Timothy G. Lynch / 383

Aldo Chircop, Scott Coffen-Smout, Moira McConnell (eds.), Ocean Yearbook 20 by Srren Byskov / 384

Elizabeth H. Peterson, Institutional Economics and Fisheries Management: The Case of Pacific Tuna by Ussif Rashid Sumaila / 387

Jennifer M. Hubbard, A Science on the Scales: The Rise of Canadian Atlantic Fisheries Biology, 1898-1939 by Arthur W. May / 389

Daniel Vickers (ed.), The Autobiography of Ashley Bowen 1728-1813 by Carl E. Swanson / 390

W.H. Bunting; John Stilgoe (intro.), The Camera’s Coast: Historic Images of Ship and Shore in New England by Martina M. Duncan / 391

M. Brook Taylor, A Camera on the Banks: Frederick William Wallace and the Fishermen of Nova Scotia by Trevor Kenchington / 393

Keith McLaren, A Race for Real Sailors: The Bluenose and the International Fishermen’s Cup, 1920-1938 by M. Brook Taylor / 394

Maynard Bray and Tom Jackson, Worthy of the Sea: K. Aage Nielsen and His Legacy of Yacht Design by John Summers/ 395

Joe Russell, The Last Schoonerman: The Remarkable Life of Captain Lou Kenedy by Eric Ruff / 397

J. Geraint Jenkins; Martin Davis (trans.), Welsh Ships and Sailing Men by Carol Hill / 398

Alan Villiers; William Facey, Yacoub Al-Hijji, Grace Pundyk (intro.), Sons of Sindbad by Erik Gilbert / 399

Mary Hilson, Political Change and the Rise of Labour in Comparative Perspective: Britain and Sweden 1890-1920 by Colin Davis / 401

Michael C. Tarver, SS Terra Nova (1884-1943): From the Arctic to the Antarctic – Whaler, Sealer and Polar Exploration Ship by Chesley W. Sanger / 402

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Raymond John Howgego, The Encyclopedia of Exploration 1850 to 1940: The Oceans, Islands and Polar Regions by Willem F.J. Mörzer Bruyns / 406

Henrietta Drake-Brockman, Voyage to Disaster by Raymond John Howgego / 408

Peter D. Mancall (ed.), Travel Narratives from the Age of Discovery: An Anthology by Felipe Fernández-Armesto / 409

Eric Robert Taylor, If We Must Die: Shipboard Insurrections in the Era of the Atlantic Slave Trade by Emma Christopher / 411

Joshua M. Smith, Borderland Smuggling: Patriots, Loyalists, and Illicit Trade in the Northeast, 1783-1820 by Julian Gwyn / 412

Stefan Eklöf, Pirates in Paradise: A Modern History of Southeast Asia’s Maritime Marauders by Michael Pearson / 414

John H. Pryor and Elizabeth M. Jeffreys, The Age of the DROMON: The Byzantine Navy ca. 500-1204 by John Haldon / 415

John H. Pryor (ed.), Logistics of Warfare in the Age of the Crusades by N.A.M. Rodger / 417

Gerben Graddesz Hellinga, Zeehelden uit de Gouden Eeuw by Johan Francke / 419

André de Visme, Terre-Neuve 1762: Dernier combat aux portes de la Nouvelle-France by Olaf Uwe Janzen / 420

William R. Casto, Foreign Affairs and the Constitution in the Age of Fighting Sail by Christine F. Hughes / 421

Charles Stephenson, The Admiral’s Secret Weapon: Lord Dundonald and the Origins of Chemical Warfare by Edward M. Furgol / 423

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Ira Dye, Uriah Levy: Reformer of the Antebellum Navy by Spencer C. Tucker / 426

Eric Graham, Clyde Built: Blockade Runners, Cruisers and Armoured Rams of the American Civil War by Michael Moss / 427

Randolph Cock and N.A.M. Rodger (eds.), A Guide to the Naval Records in The National Archives of the UK by Robert L. Davison / 429

Geoffrey Till (ed.), The Development of British Naval Thinking: Essays in Memory of Brian McLaren Ranft by John Ferris / 431

William C. Martel, Victory in War: Foundations of Modern Military Policy by Kenneth P. Hansen / 432

Bruce Allen Elleman and Sarah C.M. Paine (eds.), Naval Blockades and Seapower: Strategies and Counter-Strategies, 1805-2005 by Nicholas Tracy / 434

Eric W. Osborne, The Battle of Heligoland Bight by Michael Epkenhans / 437

Daniel Allen Butler, Distant Victory: The Battle of Jutland and the Allied Triumph in the First World War by Andrew Lambert / 438

Jak Mallmann Showell, The U-Boat Century: German Submarine Warfare, 1906-2006 by Axel Niestlé / 438

Jon Davison and Tom Allibone, Beneath Southern Seas: The Silent Service by James Goldrick / 440

Malcolm Llewellyn-Jones, The Royal Navy and Anti-Submarine Warfare, 1917-49 by Eric C. Rust / 441

Mark Scott (ed.), Eyewitness Accounts of the World War II Murmansk Run, 1941-1945 by Morgiana P. Halley / 443

Jack Brower, Anatomy of the Ship: The Battleship Bismarck by Serge Durflinger / 444

Brian Lavery, Churchill’s Navy: The Ships, Men and Organization, 1939-1945 by Rob Huebert / 446

Michael Simpson (ed.), The Cunningham Papers: Selections from the Private and Official Correspondence of Admiral of the Fleet Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope, O.M., K.T., G.C.B., D.S.O. and Two Bars. Volume II: The Triumph of Allied Sea Power 1942-1946 by Malcolm H. Murfett / 447

Christopher Yung, Gators of Neptune: Naval Amphibious Planning for the Normandy Invasion by Richard H. Gimblett / 449

Richard O. Mayne, Betrayed: Scandal, Politics, and Canadian Naval Leadership by Chris Madsen / 450

Wilhelm Dege; William Barr and Eckart Dege (intro.), Gefangen im arktischen Eis: Wettertrup »Haudegen« – die letzte deutsche Arktisstation des Zweiten Weltkrieges by Michael L. Hadley / 452

H. Michael Gelfand, Sea Change at Annapolis: The United States Naval Academy, 1949-2000 by Evelyn M. Cherpak / 454


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