Contents of the International Journal of Maritime History
Volume XXIII, Number 2 (December 2011)

Editor-in-Chief's Note / xi

Contributors / xiii


Stig Tenold, “‘I Have Always Been Here Before:’ Lessons from the Last Crisis in the Shipping Sector” / 1

Tonio Andrade, “Was the European Sailing Ship a Key Technology of European Expansion? Evidence from East Asia” / 17

Martin Wilcox, “The ‘Mystery and Business’ of Navy Agents, c. 1700-1820” / 41

William J. McCarthy, “Gambling on Empire: The Economic Role of Shipwreck in the Age of Discovery” / 69

Sabine C.P.J. Go, “The Amsterdam and Rotterdam Insurance Markets in the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century: Inertia versus Adaptability” / 85

James H. Thomas, “Portsmouth Naval Academy in the Age of Nelson: A Reassessment” / 111

Matthew Lawrence Daley, “In the Wake of Disaster: The Lake Carriers’ Association, Welfare Capitalism and Lake Erie’s Black Friday Storm of 1916” / 145

David Worthington, “A Northern Scottish Maritime Region: The Moray Firth in the Seventeenth Century” / 181



Richard Stone, “The Overseas Trade of Bristol before the Civil War” / 211


Jean-Pierre Dedieu, Silvia Marzagalli, Pierrick Pourchasse and Werner Scheltjens, “Navigocorpus A Database for Shipping Information: A Methodological and Technical Introduction” / 241


Kenneth Morgan, “Scottish Mercantile Networks in the Early Modern Atlantic” / 263

Sheryllynne Haggerty, “‘You Promise Well and Perform as Badly:’ The Failure of the ‘Implicit Contract of Family’ in the Scottish Atlantic” / 267

Douglas Hamilton, “Local Connections, Global Ambitions: Creating a Transoceanic Network in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic Empire” / 283

Marsha Hamilton, “Commerce around the Edges: Atlantic Trade Networks among Boston’s Scottish Merchants” / 301


Conner Bailey; John Butcher; Sean Cadigan; John Cumbler; Svein Jentoft; William Leavenworth; Vivienne L. Pollock; Morten Karnøe Søndergaard, “Reviews of Matthew McKenzie, “Clearing the Coastline: The Nineteenth-Century Ecological and Cultural Transformation of Cape Cod” / 327

Matthew McKenzie, “Clearing the Coastline: The Nineteenth-Century Ecological and Cultural Transformation of Cape Cod: A Roundtable Response” / 359


John Mack, The Sea: A Cultural History by Matt K. Matsuda / 365

Maria Fusaro and Amélia Polónia (eds.), Maritime History as Global History by Patrick Manning / 366

Hugh Murphy, Derek J. Oddy, and Philip Pugh (eds.), The Mariner’s Mirror. Centenary Issue (Volume 97: 1 2011) by Carl E. Swanson / 369

Giorgos Vavouranakis (ed.), The Seascape in Aegean Prehistory by Barry Cunliffe / 371

Damian Robinson and Andrew Wilson (eds.), Alexandria and the North-Western Delta: Joint Conference Proceedings of “Alexandria: City and Harbour (Oxford 2004)” and “The Trade and Topography of Egypt’s North-West Delta, 8th Century BC to 8th Century AD (Berlin 2006)” by R. Scott Moore / 373

Gordon Miller, Voyages: To the New World and Beyond by John McKay / 375

Chet Van Duzer, Johann Schöner’s Globe of 1515: Transcription and Study by W.F.J. Mörzer Bruyns / 377

Victor Enthoven, Steve Murdoch and Eila Williamson (eds.); with the assistance of Ben Teensma, The Navigator: The Log of John Anderson, VOC Pilot-Major, 1640-1643 by Jaap R. Bruijn / 378

Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo; Glen F. Dille (trans. & ed.), Misfortunes and Shipwrecks in the Seas of the Indies, Islands, and Mainland of the Ocean Sea (1513-1548). Book Fifty of the General and Natural History of the Indies by Cheryl Fury / 379

John E. Wills Jr. (ed.), China and Maritime Europe 1500-1800: Trade, Settlement, Diplomacy, and Missions by Kent Deng / 380

Robert Parthesius, Dutch Ships in Tropical Waters: The Development of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) Shipping Network in Asia 1595-1660 by Victor Enthoven / 382

Molly Greene, Catholic Pirates and Greek Merchants: A Maritime History of the Mediterranean by Colin Heywood / 383

Karl Appuhn, A Forest on the Sea: Environmental Expertise in Renaissance Venice by Ruthy Gertwagen / 384

Michel Bertrand and Jean-Philippe Priotti (eds.), Circulations maritimes: L’Espagne et son empire (XVIe-XVIIIe siècle) by Carla Rahn Phillips / 386

Jonathan Scott, When the Waves Ruled Britannia: Geography and Political Identities, 1500-1800 by Ian K. Steele / 388

Richard Unger (ed.), Shipping and Economic Growth 1350-1850 by David M. Williams / 389

Rosalin Barker, The Rise of an Early Modern Shipping Industry: Whitby’s Golden Fleet, 1600-1750 by G. Alan Metters / 390

Markus A. Denzel, Jan de Vries, and Philipp Robinson Rössner (eds.), Small is Beautiful? Interlopers and Smaller Trading Nations in the Pre-Industrial Period. Proceedings of the XVth World Economic History Congress in Utrecht (Netherlands) 2009 by Pauline Croft / 392

Kevin Cullinane (ed.), International Handbook of Maritime Business by Robert G. Greenhill / 393

Corey Slumkoski, Inventing Atlantic Canada: Regionalism and the Maritime Reaction to Newfoundland’s Entry into Canadian Confederation by James Frost / 394

Anja von Moltke (ed.), Fisheries Subsidies, Sustainable Development and the WTO by U. Rashid Sumaila / 396

Rosa García-Orellán, Terranova: The Spanish Cod Fishery on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland in the Twentieth Century and Rosa García-Orellán, El Capitán de Pesca y el Bacalao: Lázaro Larzäbal desde la época dorada a la pesca simbólica by Ernesto López Losa / 398

Greta Hussey, Our Life on Lear’s Room, Labrador by James E. Candow / 400

Leon Fink, Sweatshops at Sea: Merchant Seamen in the World’s First Globalized Industry, from 1812 to the Present by Gopalan Balachandran / 401

Joseph M. Fewster, The Keelmen of Tyneside: Labour Organisation and Conflict in the North-East Coal Industry, 1600-1830 by Tony Barrow / 402

John T. Crowell; Jim Sharp (recording); Spencer Apollonio (comp. & ed.), I Love This Work.... I have Been Delightfully Busy by William H. Bunting / 404

Andreas Gondesen, Die letzten Flying P-Liner: Pamir, Passat, ihre Schwestern und Halbschwestern der Baujahre 1902 bis 1926 by Leo M. Akveld / 405

Walter Zürcher, Schweizer Reeder in aller Welt; Schweizer Schiffahrtsgeschichte des 19. Jahrhunderts by Thomas Heinrich / 407

John Goble, Palm Oil and Small Chop by John D.Y. Peel / 408

Nick Savvides (ed.); Samantha Fisk (assoc. ed.), Significant Ships of 2010 by David A. Walker / 409

Philip Dawson and Bruce Peter, Ship Style: Modernism and Modernity at Sea in the 20th Century by John Summers / 411

Peter Plowman, Across the Pacific: Liners from Australia and New Zealand to North America by Graydon R. Henning / 412

Jenny Robin Jones, No Simple Passage: The Journey of the “London” to New Zealand, 1842 – A Ship of Hope by John Carmody / 414

Kevin Brown, Poxed and Scurvied: The Story of Sickness and Health at Sea by Tabitha Marshall / 415

Erika Lee and Judy Yung, Angel Island: Immigrant Gateway to America by Ray Cohn / 417

W. Bruce Bowlus, Iron Ore Transport on the Great Lakes: The Development of a Delivery System to Feed American Industry by M. Stephen Salmon / 419

Jeff Alexander, Pandora’s Locks: The Opening of the Great Lakes–St. Lawrence Seaway by Brian S. Osborne / 420

Jim Mac Laughlin, Troubled Waters: A Social and Cultural History of Ireland's Sea Fisheries by Mark Hennessy / 422

Sari Mäenpää and Johanna Aartomaa (eds.), Merihistorian Rajapintoja: Nautica Fennica 2009-2010 by Yrjö Kaukiainen / 424

Anthony Laughton, John Gould, “Tom” Tucker and Howard Roe (eds.), Of Seas and Ships and Scientists The Remarkable History of the UK’s National Institute of Oceanography, 1949-1973 by Helen M. Rozwadowski / 426

A.D. Morrison-Low, Northern Lights: The Age of Scottish Lighthouses and Roland Paxton, Dynasty of Engineers, The Stevensons and the Bell Rock by Adrian Jarvis / 428

Steven C. Levi, The Clara Nevada: Gold, Greed, Murder and Alaska’s Inside Passage by William R. Morrison / 430

John D.T. White, The RMS Titanic Miscellany by James G. Greenlee / 430

Fredrik Søreide, Ships from the Depths: Deepwater Archaeology by John Peter Oleson / 431

Michael Pitassi, Roman Warships by Cheryl Ward / 433

Charles D. Stanton, Norman Naval Power in the Mediterranean by Lawrence V. Mott / 435

Graham Cushway, Edward III and the War at Sea: The English Navy, 1327-1377 by Robin Ward / 436

Craig L. Lambert, Shipping the Medieval Military: English Maritime Logistics in the Fourteenth Century by David Beougher / 438

Gillian Weiss, Captives and Corsairs: France and Slavery in the Early Modern Mediterranean by Alan G. Jamieson / 439

Jaap R. Bruijn, The Dutch Navy of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries by Gijs Rommelse / 441

Richard Harding, The Emergence of Britain’s Global Naval Supremacy: The War of 1739-1748 by John A. Tilley / 443

Roger Morriss, The Foundations of British Maritime Ascendancy: Resources, Logistics and the State, 1755-1815 by Nicholas Tracy / 444

Nicholas Tracy, The Battle of Quiberon Bay, 1759: Hawke and the Defeat of the French Invasion by Edward M. Furgol / 446

Brian Lavery, Royal Tars: The Lower Deck of the Royal Navy, 875-1850 by Keith Mercer / 447

Thomas Dring; David Swain (ed. & intro.), Recollections of Life on the Prison Ship Jersey by Neil R. Stout / 449

Martin Robson, Britain, Portugal and South America in the Napoleonic Wars: Alliances and Diplomacy in Economic Maritime Conflict by N.A.M. Rodger / 451

Robert Gardiner, Warships of the Napoleonic Era: Design, Development and Deployment by Paul Webb / 452

James E. Candow, The Lookout: A History of Signal Hill by Roger Sarty / 454

Stephen J. Hornsby, Surveyors of Empire: Samuel Holland, J.F.W. Des Barres, and the Making of The Atlantic Neptune by Andrew David / 455

Frank McLynn, Captain Cook: Master of the Seas by Victor Suthren / 456

Joan Druett, Tupaia: Captain Cook’s Polynesian Navigator by Alastair Couper / 458

Ilya Vinkovetsky, Russian America: An Overseas Colony of a Continental Empire, 1804-1867 by Richard L. Bland / 460

Brian Vale and Griffith Edwards, Physician to the Fleet: The Life and Times of Thomas Trotter, 1760-1832 by Jane Bowden-Dan / 461

Andrew Lambert, HMS Warrior 1860: Victoria’s Ironclad Deterrent by William H. Roberts / 463

Will Molineux (ed.), A Young Virginia Boatman Navigates the Civil War: The Journals of George Randolph Wood by R. Blake Dunnavent / 465

William Michael Morgan, Pacific Gibraltar: U.S.-Japanese Rivalry over the Annexation of Hawaii, 1885-1898 by B.R. Burg / 465

Bruce Elleman and S.C.M. Paine (eds.), Naval Power and Expeditionary Wars: Peripheral Campaigns and New Theatres of Naval Warfare by Spencer C. Tucker / 467

Patrick J. Kelly, Tirpitz and the Imperial German Navy by Michael Epkenhans / 468

C. I. Hamilton, The Making of the Modern Admiralty: British Naval Policy-Making, 1805-1927 by Jon Tetsuro Sumida / 470

Robert J. Blyth, Andrew Lambert and Jan Rüger (eds.), The Dreadnought and the Edwardian Age by Serge Durflinger / 471

D.K. Brown, The Grand Fleet: Warship Design and Development, 1906-1922 by Christopher Martin / 473

Rodney Carlisle, Sovereignty at Sea: U.S. Merchant Ships and American Entry into World War I by James E. Valle / 474

William Johnston, William G.P. Rawling, Richard H. Gimblett, John MacFarlane, The Seabound Coast: The Official History of the Royal Canadian Navy, 1867-1939, Volume 1 by Marc Milner / 476

James Pritchard, A Bridge of Ships: Canadian Shipbuilding During the Second World War by Doug McLean / 478

Stefan Kiekel, Die deutsche Handelschifffahrt im Nationalsozialismus: Unternehmerinitiative und staatliche Regulierung im Widerstreit 1933 bis 1940/41 by Eric C. Rust / 480

Glyn Prysor, Citizen Sailors: The Royal Navy in the Second World War by Bruce Taylor / 482

Ed Offley, Turning the Tide: How a Small Band of Allied Sailors Defeated the U-Boats and Won the Battle of the Atlantic by Morgiana P. Halley / 483

Linda M. Koldau, Mythos U-Boot by Michael L. Hadley / 485

Martin J. Bollinger, Warriors and Wizards: The Development and Defeat of Radio Controlled Glide Bombs of the Third Reich by David Zimmerman / 486

Alan D. Zimm, Attack on Pearl Harbor, The Strategy, Combat, Myths, Deceptions by Mark P. Parillo / 488

Anthony P. Tully, Battle of Surigao Strait by Kenneth P. Hansen / 489

Alejandro Colás and Bryan Mabee (eds.), Mercenaries, Pirates, Bandits and Empires: Private Violence in Historical Context by Arne Bialuschewski / 490

Carolin Liss, Oceans of Crime: Maritime Piracy and Transnational Security in Southeast Asia and Bangladesh by Christopher Spearin / 492

Martin N. Murphy, Somalia: The New Barbary? Piracy and Islam in the Horn of Africa by Patricia Risso / 493


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