Contents of the International Journal of Maritime History
Volume XIX, Number 2 (December 2007)

Editor-in-Chief's Note / xi

Contributors / xiii


 “In Memoriam, Robin Craig, 1924-2007: Some Personal Tributes” / 1


Jesús M. Valdaliso, “Spanish Shipping Firms in the Twentieth Century: Between the Internationalisation of the Market and the Nationalism of the State” / 21

H.V. Bowen, “Privilege and Profit: Commanders of East Indiamen as Private Traders, Entrepreneurs and Smugglers, 1760-1813” / 43

René Taudal Poulsen and Poul Holm, “What Can Fisheries Historians Learn from Marine Science? The Concept of Catch per Unit Effort (CPUE)” / 89

Daniel Todd, “Industry Change and Port Response: Whitehaven and Its Fateful Dependence on Chemicals” / 113

Gijs Rommelse, “Prizes and Profits: Dutch Maritime Trade during the Second Anglo-Dutch War” / 139

Chesley W. Sanger, “Scottish Over-Winter Whaling at Cumberland Gulf, Baffin Island, 1853-1890” / 161

Willem F.J. Mörzer Bruyns, “Conrad’s Navigation: Joseph Conrad as a Professional Sailor” / 201


Toufoul Abou-Hodeib, “Quarantine and Trade: The Case of Beirut, 1831-1840” / 223

Torsten Feys, “Where All Passenger Liners Meet: New York as a Nodal Point for the Transatlantic Migrant Trade, 1885-1895” / 245


Cátia Antunes and Louis Sicking, “Ports on the Border of the State, 1200-1800: An Introduction” / 273

Stéphane Curveiller, “Calais and Dunkirk: Two Sentinels, Two Geo-Strategic States” / 287

Erika Harlitz, “Living on the Limit: The Rise and Fall of the Town of Lödöse” / 299

Michael-W. Serruys, “The Port and City of Ostend and the Process of State Consolidation in the Southern Netherlands in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries: A Geopolitical Approach” / 319


Michael Alpert; Juan Carmona; Albert Carreras; Robert Greenhill; Gelina Harlaftis; and Javier Vidal Olivares, “Reviews of Jesús M. Valdaliso, La familia Aznar y sus negocios (1830-1983). Cuatro generaciones de emprasarious en la España contemporánea” / 349

Jesús M. Valdaliso, “La familia Aznar y sus negocios (1830-1983). Cuatro generaciones de emprasarious en la España contemporánea: A Roundtable Response” / 383

Arthur Donovan; Richard Goss; Lewis Johnman & Hugh Murphy; Christian Ketels; René A. De La Pedraja; Helen Thanopoulou; Jesús M. Valdaliso; and Cees de Voogd, “Reviews of Stig Tenold, Tankers in Trouble: Norwegian Shipping and the Crisis of the 1970s and 1980s” / 389

Stig Tenold, “Tankers in Trouble: Norwegian Shipping and the Crisis of the 1970s and 1980s: A Roundtable  Response" / 427


Jerry H. Bentley, Renate Bridenthal and Kären Wigen (eds.), Seascapes: Maritime Histories, Littoral Cultures, and Transoceanic Exchanges by Søren Mentz / 435

Zoltán Biedermann, Soqotra: Geschichte einer christliches Insel im Indischen Ozean vom Altertum bis zur Frühen Neuzeit by Paul D. Buell / 436

Peter C. Mancall, Hakluyt’s Promise: An Elizabethan’s Obsession for an English America by John C. Appleby / 438

Angela Schottenhammer (ed.), The East Asian Maritime World 1400-1800: Its Fabrics of Power and Dynamics of Exchanges by K.G. Deng / 439

Daviken Studnicki-Gizbert, A Nation upon the Ocean Sea: Portugal’s Atlantic Diaspora and the Crisis of the Spanish Empire, 1492-1640 by Cátia Antunes / 440

Jorge Flores (ed.), Re-exploring the Links: History and Constructed Histories between Portugal and Sri Lanka by Liam M. Brockey / 442

Els M. Jacobs, Merchant in Asia: The Trade of the Dutch East India Company during the Eighteenth Century by Alfons van der Kraan / 443

Carmel Vassallo and Michelo D’Angelo (eds.), Anglo-Saxons in the Mediterranean: Commerce, Politics and Ideas (XVII-XX Centuries) by Maria Christina Chatziioannou / 445

Agustín Coletes Blanco (ed.), Gijón: Puerto Anglosajón by Jesús Mirás-Araujo / 446

David B. Flemming, Explosion in Halifax Harbour: The Illustrated Account of a Disaster that Shook the World by Alan Ruffman / 448

Hans K. Van Tilburg, Chinese Junks on the Pacific: View from a Different Deck by Dian Murray / 449

Olaf T. Engvig, Viking to Victorian: Exploring the Use of Iron in Ship Building by David A. Walker / 451

Larrie D. Ferreiro, Ships and Science: The Birth of Naval Architecture in the Scientific Revolution, 1600-1800 by Fred Hocker / 452

Miwao Matsumoto, Technology Gatekeepers for War and Peace: The British Ship Revolution and Japanese Industrialization by Daniel Todd / 455

Roger Owen (ed.), “Shipbuilding and Ships on the Thames:” Proceedings of a Third Symposium, Held on 18 February 2006 at Greenwich Maritime Institute, Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich by Alan G. Jamieson / 457

Marie-Françoise Berneron-Couvenhes, Les Messageries Maritimes: L'essor d'une grande compagnie de navigation française, 1851-1894 by Robert G. Greenhill / 458

Peter Plowman, The Chandris Liners and Celebrity Cruises and Peter Plowman, Australian Cruise Ships by Mark Howard / 459

Tomas R. Leinbach and Cristina Capineri (eds.), Globalized Freight Transport: Intermodality, E-Commerce, Logistics and Sustainability by Anthony Beresford / 461

Jeffrey L. Cruikshank and Chloë G. Kline, In Peace and War: A History of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point by James E. Valle / 463

Laurence Brady, The Man Who Challenged America: The Life and Obsession of Sir Thomas Lipton by John Summers / 465

Jens Jacob Eschels; Albrecht Sauer (ed.), Lebensbeschreibung eines alten Seemannes by Heide Gerstenberger / 467

Martin Rheinheimer, Der Kojenmann: Mensch und Natur im Wattenmeer 1860-1900 by Mette Guldberg / 468

Catharina Purwani Williams, Maiden Voyages: Eastern Indonesian Women on the Move by J.N.F.M. à Campo / 469

Martha Hodes, The Sea Captain’s Wife: A True Story of Love, Race, and War in the Nineteenth Century by Merja-Liisa Hinkkanen / 470

Maria Brooks (producer); Blake McHugh (videographer), Shipping Out: The Story of America’s Seafaring Women by Sari Mäenpää / 472

Mira Karjalainen, In the Shadow of Freedom – Life on board the oil tanker by Jo Stanley / 473

Joe Follansbee, Shipbuilders, Sea Captains, and Fishermen: The Story of the Schooner Wawona by Michael L. Hadley / 475

Rögnvaldur Hannesson, Manuel Barange and Samuel F. Herrick Jr. (eds.), Climate Change and the Economics of the World’s Fisheries: Examples of Small Pelagic Stocks by Martin D. Smith / 476

Eric Jay Dolin, Leviathan: A History of Whaling in America by Matthew McKenzie / 478

Berit Drejer, with Bjørn Ringstad, Aukra Hval AVS – det første industrieventyret på Nyhamna by John Harland / 479

A.B. Dickinson, Seal Fisheries of the Falkland Islands and Dependencies: An Historical Overview by Bjørn L. Basberg / 480

Stephanie E. Smallwood, Saltwater Slavery: A Middle Passage from Africa to American Diaspora by Trevor Burnard / 482

Hugh Crow; John Pinfold (intro.), The Memoirs of Captain Hugh Crow: The Life and Times of a Slave Trade Captain by Robin Law / 483

Claire Jowitt (ed.), Pirates? The Politics of Plunder, 1550-1650 by Patricia Risso / 485

Peter Earle, The Sack of Panamá: Captain Morgan and the Battle for the Caribbean by Kris Lane / 486

Clifford Beal, Quelch’s Gold: Piracy, Greed, and Betrayal in Colonial New England by Christopher Magra / 488

Graham Gerard Ong-Webb (ed.), Piracy, Maritime Terrorism and Securing the Malacca Straits by Kenneth McPherson / 489

Adam J. Young, Contemporary Maritime Piracy in Southeast Asia: History, Causes and Remedies by John F. Bradford / 490

Felipe Fernández-Armesto, Pathfinders: A Global History of Exploration by Raymond John Howgego / 492

Jack D. Forbes, The American Discovery of Europe by Richard Callaghan / 494

Niels Vinding; Birgitte Moyer-Vinding (trans.), The Viking Discovery of America, 985-1008: The Greenland Norse and Their Voyages to Newfoundland by Birgitta Wallace / 496

Peter Aughton, The Fatal Voyage: Captain Cook’s Last Great Journey by Roy Schreiber / 498

George Tobin; Roy Schreiber (ed.), Captain Bligh’s Second Chance: An Eyewitness Account of His Return to the South Seas by Lt. George Tobin by Alan Frost / 499

Danielle Clode, Voyages to the South Seas: In Search of Terra Australes by John Robson / 501

Kelly Tyler-Lewis, The Lost Men: The Harrowing Saga of Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party by Anne Morton / 502

Reinhard Hoheisel-Huxmann, Die Deutsche Atlantische Expedition 1925-1927. Planung und Verlauf by Walter Lenz / 503

Richard Harding (ed.), Naval History 1680-1850 by John B. Hattendorf / 505

Dennis Castillo, The Maltese Cross: A Strategic History of Malta by Carmel Vassallo / 506

Carla Rahn Phillips, The Treasure of the San José: Death at Sea in the War of the Spanish Succession by N.A.M. Rodger / 508

David Syrett (ed.), The Rodney Papers: Selections from the Correspondence of Admiral Lord Rodney. Volume II: 1763-1780 by John A. Tilley / 509

Timothy Jenks, Naval Engagements: Patriotism, Cultural Politics, and the Royal Navy 1793-1815 by James G. Greenlee / 511

David Cannadine (ed.), Trafalgar in History: A Battle and Its Afterlife by Cheryl Fury / 513

Ian W. Toll, Six Frigates: The Epic History of the Founding of the U.S. Navy by Christine F. Hughes / 514

David Curtis Skaggs, Oliver Hazard Perry: Honor, Courage, and Patriotism in the Early U.S. Navy by Barry Gough / 516

Lance E. Davis and Stanley L. Engerman, Naval Blockades in Peace and War: An Economic History Since 1750 by David G. Surdam / 517

Tom Pocock, Breaking the Chains: The Royal Navy’s War on White Slavery by Paul Webb / 519

Spencer C. Tucker, Blue and Gray Navies: The Civil War Afloat by R. Blake Dunnavent / 521

Stephen Fox, Wolf of the Deep: Raphael Semmes and the Notorious Confederate Raider CSS “Alabama” by Spencer C. Tucker / 522

Gerald Horne, The White Pacific: U.S. Imperialism and Black Slavery in the South Seas after the Civil War by B.R. Burg / 523

Ian Speller (ed.), The Royal Navy and Maritime Power in the Twentieth Century by Eric Grove / 525

Jan Rüger, The Great Naval Game: Britain and Germany in the Age of Empire by Holger H. Herwig / 526

W.A.B. Douglas, Roger Sarty and Michael Whitby; with Robert H. Caldwell, William Johnston and William G.P. Rawling, A Blue Water Navy: The Official Operational History of the Royal Canadian Navy in the Second World War, 1943-1945, Volume II, Part 2 by Andrew Lambert / 528

James Miller, The North Atlantic Front: The Northern Isles at War by Robert Davison / 529

Malcolm Llewellyn-Jones (ed.), The Royal Navy and the Arctic Convoys: A Naval Staff History by Marc Milner / 530

Malcolm Llewellyn-Jones (ed.), The Royal Navy and the Mediterranean Convoys: A Naval Staff History by C.I. Hamilton / 531

Sadao Asada, From Mahan to Pearl Harbor: The Imperial Japanese Navy and the United States by Kenneth P. Hansen / 533

Eiji Seki, Mrs Ferguson’s Tea-set, Japan and the Second World War: The Global Consequences Following Germany’s Sinking of the SS Automedon in 1940 by Peter N. Davies / 534

Ian Pfennigwerth, The Australian Cruiser Perth 1939-1942 by Gregory P. Gilbert / 536

Douglas V. Smith, Carrier Battles: Command Decisions in Harm’s Way by Harold D. Langley / 537

John B. Lundstrom, Black Shoe Carrier Admiral: Frank Jack Fletcher at Coral Sea, Midway, and Guadalcanal by Mark P. Parillo / 538

John B. Hattendorf (ed.), U.S. Naval Strategy in the 1990s: Selected Documents by Rob Huebert / 540

Greg Nash and David Stevens, Australia’s Navy in the Gulf: From Countenance to Catalyst, 1941-2006 by Eric Lerhe / 542

Bruce A. Elleman, Waves of Hope: The U.S. Navy’s Response to the Tsunami in Northern Indonesia by David M. Stevens / 543


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