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Letterhead on the CN Marine Vessel Registries

Record No: mha00000066
Title: CN Marine Vessel Registries and order books
Dates: 1906-1984
Location: R95-43 MHA
Extent: 5 cm.
Source of Supplied Title: Title based on description.
Restrictions: No restrictions
Scope and Content: Transcripts of the certificates of registry for 17 CN vessels registered from 1966-1984, including the final registry for the Hopedale (Ship); 2 books recording maintenance supplies, 1929-1945; physics course workbook, 1906-1908.
Custodial History: Unknown.
Subject: CN Marine
Subject: Hopedale (Ship).
Subject: Patrick Morris (Ship).
Subject: Cabot Strait (Ship).
Subject: Ambrose Shea (Ship).
Subject: Leif Eiriksson (Ship).
Subject: Nonia (Ship).
Subject: Taverner (Ship).
Subject: William Carson (Ship).
Subject: Bonavista (Ship).
Subject: Burgeo (Ship).
Subject: Baccalieu (Ship).
Subject: Northern Ranger (Ship).
Subject: Springdale (Ship).
Subject: Petite Forte (Ship).
Subject: Bar Haven (Ship).
Subject: Ship registers.

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