Interview with Elizabeth Austin


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Interviewer: Now did you ever go outside the community to perform deliveries?

Elizabeth Austin: Yes. Burlington and Smith's Harbour. And over the hills there and up in the camps and places like that. In the wood camps where the [?] used to take their families winter time. They'd take me there, you know.

Interviewer: How would you get to them places in the winter?

Elizabeth Austin: Well, we went by – now, in the camps, usually at that time, it was by a horse. A horse took me to the camps. But when I started going to Burlington, the roads was open and the cars were on the road. Well then there was car and truck. And there was times I had to take a patient to Springdale, when that hospital got opened and to the Bowater doctor that was in the clinic up in Baie Verte. Now that was by snowmobile.

Interviewer: You had to go by snowmobile.

Elizabeth Austin: Snowmobile used to take me there, and sometimes I'd have to take the patient or sometimes it would be the child. I had to go several times to Baie Verte on snowmobile with a child. Baby would be born and it didn't look healthy or some problem or other, you know, half why I got my car in ah… 1973. I would take my babies in the car and take them over to Baie Verte.