Interview with Elizabeth Austin


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Interviewer: Was there any length of time the mother was expected to stay in bed?

Elizabeth Austin: After baby?

Interviewer: After baby, yeah.

Elizabeth Austin: Well I …yes, ah-when… one time, a mother was supposed to stay in bed ten days. The eleventh day she sat up for one hour. And the twelth day she could go to the kitchen. But after I took my training, I used to keep her in bed five days, because like I said I had nobody to go to right here, there was no doctor or nothing, so I had to be sure, you see. And the second day I let her sit up in her room for a little while, third day I – no – twelth… yes, the sixth day I let her sit up a little while, the seventh day, I let her sit up a little longer. And the eighth day, and the ninth day I would be finished up with her, so I don't know what she would do after that.