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Student Life

  • September 12, 1984
    Youth Festival held on the north campus of Memorial during the visit to St. John's of Pope John Paul II.
  • November 24, 1984
    Dr. Gwynne Dyer receives the third annual Alumnus of the Year Award from the Memorial University Alumni Association.


  • Janaury 12, 1984
    Board of Regents approves the establishment of a fine arts program at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College.
  • September 24, 1984
    The first annual David Alexander Lecture delivered by Professor Larry Pratt, Political Scientist, University of Alberta.
  • November 27, 1984
    President Leslie Harris announces that Memorial had received funding for $1.3 million from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and from Petro-Canada to establish a chair in marine seismic research.

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