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Memorial's total student enrolment during the 1970s averaged approximately 10,000 students annually. Lord Taylor retired as president on August 31, 1973, and, following a university search process, was succeeded by M.O. Morgan, whose association with Memorial began as a student in the 1930s and continued as a professor and administrator after 1950.

In September 1975 the university opened a junior college at Corner Brook. The college, named Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in 1979, offered the first two years of an undergraduate degree program in arts and science, as well as courses in education.

The university also established a strong distance education program in the 1970s, pioneering within Canada the use of teleconferencing and telemedicine in the delivery of education and medical services to distant areas of the province. University activities in Labrador were co-ordinated through the Labrador Institute of Northern Studies at Goose Bay. During the 1970s the university created research institutes in ocean engineering and ocean sciences.

In 1979 the University launched a successful fund-raising campaign for a commerce building, a new library building (which began service in 1982) and for scholarships and research. President Morgan retired on August 31, 1981, and was succeeded by vice-president (academic) Leslie Harris.


  • October 16, 1971
    Installation of Dr. George Alain Frecker as Chancellor of Memorial University.
    • Installation Address by Chancellor Frecker.
  • February 9, 1974
    Installation of Dr. M.O. Morgan as President and Vice-Chancellor of Memorial University.
    • Installation Address of February 9, 1974 by President Morgan.
  • August, 1974 - December, 1975
    Memorial University celebrates its Jubilee Year on the occasion of:
    • 50th anniversary of Memorial University College
    • 25th anniversary of Memorial University as a degree-granting institution.
  • April 7, 1977
    Official launch of Memorial's Telemedicine Project using a communications connection to the Hermes satellite
  • October 26, 1978
    Official Opening of the Health Sciences Center by Premier Frank Moores
  • March 24, 1979
    Installation of Paul Guy Desmarais as Chancellor of Memorial University.

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