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Student Life

  • March 25, 1976
    Official opening of the Memorial University Pre-School Centre in the Burton's Pond Apartment Complex for the use of the children of university students, faculty and staff.


  • March 31, 1976
    Dr. Maurice Strong delivers the annual F.W.Angel Memorial Lecture.
  • April 1976
    The Maritime History Group (MHG) is awarded a $733,000 program grant by the Canada Council to examine the rise and fall of the shipping industry in Atlantic Canada and its effects on the social and economic history of the area. The principal investigators are Dr. Keith Matthews, Dr. David Alexander and Professor Gerald Panting of the MHG.
  • April 13, 1976
    Senate approves regulations for the degree of master of social work.
  • July 1976
    Appointment of Edythe Ryan Goodridge as curator of the University Art Gallery
  • August 4, 1976
    Death of the Rt. Hon. the Lord Thomson of Fleet, second Chancellor of Memorial from 1961-68.
  • August 31, 1976
    Retirement of Harry Renouf as registrar, 1959-1976.
  • September, 1976 Release of the Summary of the Report of the Task Force on University Priorities

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