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The primary purpose of the Summer Session is to provide the teachers of the Province with an opportunity to further their professional preparation during their annual leave. The University regulations permit students to obtain as many as six credits towards a degree through attendance at Summer Session.

Students who lack a foreign language for Matriculation are required to make good the deficiency during their first year at University by taking French 10 or Latin 10 in place of the fifth credit course of their programme. To accommodate such students, the University offers a full course in each of History 105 and Mathematics 102 during the Summer Session. Students who fail in either of these courses in the regular academic year are permitted to take one in the Summer Session.

A third group of students who benefit from the full courses are those who fail in more than half of their courses in the academic year and, according to University regulations, must improve their standing to a satisfactory degree before being readmitted to the University. These students, who come from all Faculties, make up only a small percentage of the enrolment in the Summer Session.


The academic and professional courses offered in the Summer Session are planned four years in advance. This enables the students to plan their Summer-Session work and to coordinate it with that in the regular year.

Students are permitted to take three full courses over two summers. Each course is given in two summers with independent study by the students during the intervening year. Suggestions for study are given to the students; these include suggestions for review and wider reading and study in the work pursued during the first session and for study preparatory to the work of the second session.

During registration the Director and Assistant Director interview students and help them select their courses for the current session. During the session the Assistant Director is available to students at regular hours, and in this way is able to help students with their personal and other problems, in addition to helping them with their long-term planning.

Extension of Summer Session Programme

In Newfoundland at present we are short of specialized teachers in the Sciences, Mathematics, and Languages. In September 1960, we offered a five-year programme in order to provide specialized teachers in these areas. In addition to this, it is possible that the need could further be met in the Summer Session by providing intensive courses, extending perhaps over one or more summers.

Special short courses in certain professional areas could also be a part of the Summer Session Programme.


Registration took place on Saturday, June 30. Classes began on Tuesday, July 3, Monday being kept by the University as a day of remembrance, since Memorial Day, July 1, fell on a Sunday.

Welfare Officers

The University, as in previous years, has been happy to offer its facilities to the Department of Public Welfare. The Department sponsored a programme of studies as part of an In-Service Training Course for twenty-eight Welfare Officers. We were pleased to be associated with the students and their instructors, and to have the Honourable Minister of Public Welfare, the Deputy Minister, and other senior officials of the Department present for the closing assembly.

Courses and Staff

The staff of the Summer Session consisted of eight members of the University Faculty and two instructors appointed for the session.

Physical Education

We were pleased that the swimming pool was open at regular hours during the Summer Session to the students, the staff, and their families, and that the services of Mr. D. Szvetko, Lecturer in Physical Education, were available for general supervision and instruction in swimming. Many students took advantage of the facilities, and fifty-one took special instruction in swimming under Mr. Szvetko.

X-Ray Service

As in previous years, all students received a chest X-ray. This service was made possible through the cooperation of the Department of Health. The Summer Session is very grateful to Dr. Eithne Knowling and Nurse Ernestine Jones, who were responsible for the organization and administration of this excellent service.

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