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First Year Programme

A total of 792 first year students participated in the first year required programme of physical education. This programme consisted of two hours per week in a variety of physical activities with emphasis on swimming. All students unable to swim were given a minimum of ten lessons in swimming. 80 students were denied credit because of failure to meet the attendance requirement.

If the anticipated increase in first year enrolment for 1962-63 does materialize, the first year requirement for non-education students will have to be made elective. This will mean that except for first year education students physical education participation will be on a voluntary basis. It is expected, however, that participation will in all probability continue on its present high level.

Two Year Certificate Course

Eight students were enrolled in the complete course of study for the Certificate in Physical Education, with six students taking one or two individual physical education courses in addition to work in other areas.

Degree Programme

During the year regulations for the degree of Bachelor of Physical Education were approved by the Faculty Council and the Senate. It is expected that the first graduates will be presented in May of 1964.

Voluntary Participation

The facilities in the Physical Education Building are such that participation by students was very great. All areas were put to maximum use. During the first term activities engaged in were softball, road race, soccer, field hockey, volley-ball, swimming, squash and handball, weight training, shooting and bowling. Some of these activities were continued into the second term. In addition to these the students participated in badminton, basketball, hockey, table tennis and square dancing.

Many leagues were conducted by the Athletic Committee of the Council of the Students' Union. The annual hockey night was held at Prince of Wales Arena with the Faculty Fossils distinguishing themselves once again. A gala time was also had on University Day.

Varsity athletic teams played soccer, swimming, handball, basketball, hockey and bowling. Our ladies basketball team was successful in winning the St. John's High School Championship, and our men's basketball team won the St. John's Intermediate Championship for the second year in a row. Our swimming team went undefeated in four meets.

During the year also, a happy arrangement was made with Argentia Naval Base whereby many home and home contests were held.

Use of Facilities by Non-university Groups

The Swimming Pool and the Bowling Alleys were used extensively by non-university groups. This has been a source of revenue for the Department. However, with increased enrolments the time available for non-university groups will be diminished.

New Staff

With the opening of the new building four additions were made to the staff: one assistant professor; one lecturer; one secretary; and one bowling alley manager. As the year progressed, it was obvious that this staff was inadequate in view of departmental responsibilities. The appointment of three additional lecturers and a locker room attendant will enable the department to operate more efficiently and effectively.

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