The 40's

The President,
Memorial University College.

I beg to submit the following report on the activities of the Students' Representative Council and of the various societies under its control during the academic year.

Regular meetings were held throughout the year by the Council to plan and direct the extra-curricular activities of the students. This year the Council met the Faculty once a month to discuss the students' affairs and to exchange views concerning the students' activities. These meetings were greatly appreciated by the Council and we are indebted to the Faculty for their great interest in our work and the many suggestions they offered.

The social entertainments during the year were held under the auspices of the Council, and groups of students were appointed to manage them. Two socials were arranged by the Council, one of which was held in October and the other in December. Plans are now being made for the Annual Graduation Dance to be held at the College on May 30th.

The College Magazine, Cap and Gown, has been produced by a committee of students under the control of the Council. The magazine promises to be a success and will be ready for publication within a few weeks.

The Students' Representative Council expresses its appreciation of the assistance it has received during the year from the Faculty of the College, and of the co-operation it has had from the student body.

The Engineering Society. This society enjoyed its largest enrollment since its beginning this year. A number of enjoyable smokers were held during the year, the following being the guest speakers: Mr. Forbes-Roberts, Manager of the Nfld. Light & Power Co.; Mr. A. E. Searle, Consulting Engineer with the Housing Corporation; Mr. J. B. Angel, President of the United Nail & Foundry Co.; Mr. D. F. Frazer, Refrigeration Engineer with the Dept. Of Natural Resources. The Engineers' teams carried off the football and the hockey championships.

The annual Engineering Banquet was held on April 12th at the Cochrane Hotel and was most successful.

The seminars were held again this year and met with every success. These seminars are greatly appreciated by the students who realize their value as an aid in public speaking.

The Student-Teachers' Society. The society has functioned smoothly since its organization in September. Addresses were given by the following speakers at meetings held during the year: Miss Mansfield, Mr. J. A. Cochrane, Dr. Florence O'Neill, Mr. G. A. Frecker. Dr. L. Miller, Mr. Edgar House and Mr. S. J. Hefferton.

Several debates were held throughout the year.

A class party was held on April 14th in the Assembly Hall and was an outstanding success. Society pins and crests were brought in during the year and were eagerly purchased by the students.

The Arts and Science Society. This society has been quite active throughout the year. A debate between the Pre-Medical Society and the Arts and Science was held in October, followed by an address by Mr. J. G. Higgins, B.A., K.C. A number of spelling-bees and questionnaires were conducted. During the second semester, addresses were given by: Mr. L. Soper, President of the Old Memorials, Dr. Louise Whiteway, and Mrs. A. C. Hunter.

The women's boxball team won the inter-faculty championship, but the men's teams were not so successful.

International Relations Club. Meetings were conducted fortnightly throughout the year, and were well attended. Many and varied topics were discussed at these meetings. Some excellent papers were prepared by student members and were read at the meetings.

The Pre-Medical Society. Regular meetings have been held during the year, and the society has been quite active. The most important activities of the society were:

  • 1. Addresses by Dr. L. Miller, Mr. M. F. Harrington, Dr. E. C. Smith.
  • 2. Christmas Party.
  • 3. Tours to the Government Laboratory and Fort Pepperrell Hospital.
  • 4. Showing of educational films.

Dramatic Society. Three one-act plays were produced during the first semester, under the direction of Miss Organ, Miss Baird and Miss Halley. The society is indebted to these people for the assistance given. A three-act play, "The Dover Road", was produced in the second semester under the direction of Miss Organ, and proved to be a great success.

Athletic Union. This union has been busy all year arranging and directing the athletic life of the College. Football, basketball, boxball, and hockey were the most important games played. A very enjoyable Sports Meet and Dance was held early in April.

Hiking Committee. The Hiking Committee began its work shortly after the College opened in September, when it arranged an enjoyable outing at Bowring Park. A number of hikes were held throughout the year at Bac Roc, and were well attended. Plans are now being completed for the Annual Graduation Picnic which is to be held shortly after the examinations.

This report, Sir, covers the main activities engaged in by the students during the past year and I trust that it is to your satisfaction.

Respectfully submitted
President of the
Students' Representative Council.

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