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The President,
Memorial University College.


I have the honour to present the first Annual Report of the Faculty Athletic Committee:

In the beginning of the College year a Faculty Athletic Committe was formed at your request. The primary purpose of this committee was to endeavour to organize, with the help of the students' committee, the various athletic activities of the student body. This was deemed desirable, for as a general rule sport was confined to inter-faculty games, and consequently the number of students actually participating in games was small in comparison with the number of students in the College. There had been little opportunity for a student to play unless he already knew the games and even then fundamental skills were often lacking. As a result the energy expended by students in games was often valueless as far as physical education was concerned. The need for coaching students, in various games and helping them gain the adjustment inherent in the activity was considered of primary importance, and the committee endeavoured in a small way to accomplish that purpose.

At the first meeting the committee agreed upon two broad principles. Firstly, that athletics be so arranged that any student (man or woman) who desired to take part in games should have an opportunity of doing so, and secondly, that those who did not know the games should be helped. It was also agreed that each team comprising any that the students would get to know one another better and league would be made up of students from every Faculty, so a closer relationship exist amongst the various faculties of the College. These proposals were put forward to the S.R.C. Athletic Committee and as a result a joint committee was formed to organize and manage the general athletic program of the College.

The work of the committee was considerably simplified this year as the gymnasium, which had for two years been used as a Naval Hospital, was handed over again to the College. Valuable time was lost, however, at the beginning of the year before the gym was available for use; and again after the Christmas holidays the schedule was delayed for nearly three weeks in order that the Department of Public Works might redecorate the walls and ceiling, re-line and varnish the floor and replace the old basketball stands, which had presented considerable danger to the players, by permanent hanging backboards secured to the walls by steel strips. Although this Work was most necessary and has resulted in providing the College -- spectator space excepted -- with one of the finest gyms in the city, yet the athletic schedule was so delayed that some of the activities planned will not be reached this year.

Men's Boxball. Over one hundred students participated in this game, which is an adaptation of baseball admirably suited for the indoor season. Eleven teams comprised the league and games were played on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 5.15, and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings at 7.30, the schedule being so arranged that no student would play oftener than one night in any week. The series was well contested and the championship won by the Cubs who went through the series undefeated under the captaincy of Mr. M. Howley.

In the inter-faculty games which followed the regular series, interest and enthusiasm ran high and after being defeated in the first round, the Engineers came back strong to take the championship from the Teachers-in-Training.

Women's Boxball. Athletics among the women students had previously been confined to a limited number of students. At a very enthusiastic meeting held in the Lecture Theatre at which Miss Baird and Miss Fitzpatrick were present, over fifty students expressed eagerness to form a league and consequently five teams were picked and a schedule drawn up with games to be played on Monday and Wednesday afternoons at 5.15. Miss Fitzpatrick was in charge of the series. The enthusiasm of the women students was witnessed by a large number of spectators. Team 2 captained by Miss Kemp went through its schedule without a defeat to win the championship.

The inter-faculty series was also closely contested and the Pre-Med. students succeeded in winning the championship.

Men's Basketball. The Basketball League comprised of twelve teams started rather late due to aforementioned causes and did not finish its schedule until after Easter. The three sectional leaders played for top honours with the "Scrags", captained by John Peters, winning the championship.

The inter-faculty basketball resolved itself into a best of two out of three games between the Pre-Medical students, and the Engineers, the latter winning the championship in two straight games.

Women's Basketball. There were five teams in this league, the games being played on Mondays and Thursdays, at 5.15 p.m. After two rounds had been played, team 3 was declared the champion.

The inter-faculty games between the Arts and Science and the Pre-Medical students were very keenly contested and the Arts and Science team, captained by Miss Janet Story, were forced into a third game before taking the championship.

As usual the College entered a team in the Girls' Intercollegiate series and after home and home practice games with the Mercy Convent, the regular series began in March. After losing the first game to Bishop Spencer College, the second to the Prince of Wales, the College team finally broke into the winning column and eventually took second place to the Prince of Wales College team after a very interesting and close series.

The Intercollegiate team also were hostesses on two occasions to the women's division of the R.C.A.F. and showed themselves as capable in handling the social amenities as in handling a basketball.

The committee has experienced some difficulty in obtaining pins for members of the championship teams but it is hoped that these will be obtained before the College year ends. Equipment is still at a minimum for some sports. Hockey, unfortunately, was out of the question this year and the necessary equipment, which was lost in the Arena fire, will be difficult to replace. The women students enter the Intercollegiate Field Hockey each year but are considerably handicapped by lack of hockey sticks, practice and coaching. At least two sets of uniforms for Basketball and Boxball are also required.

The formal athletic activities of the College came to a close on Friday, April 17th, with a sports afternoon followed by tea and a dance, at which Mrs. Hatcher very kindly presented the trophies won in the inter-faculty games.

In spite of the abbreviated programme, the committee feels that it has, in no small measure, accomplished its aims. An athletic programme should endeavour to have as many students as possible participate and the emphasis should be placed definitely on the social value of games rather than on the competitive. During the past year only those who desired to do so took part in the games, whereas in most colleges, Physical Education is a "must". If the value of Physical Education and Training is recognized for its worth, then the time should come when every student, unless medically exempt, be required to take a Physical Education Course.

In conclusion, I would like, on behalf of the committee, to thank you, Sir, for your kindly and sympathetic co-operation in the committee's work and for your attendance at games, also the Faculty for their interest in the students' activities. The members of the joint committee deserve special credit, the student members, Mr. Higgins, Miss Case, Mr. Tippett and Mr. Taylor, for performing many duties which involved personal sacriflce; the Faculty members, especially Mr. Carew for his help in refereeing the Boxball games and Miss Fitzpatrick for giving so much of her own personal time in organizing, coaching, and refereeing the women's games. The Committee also wish to thank St. Bonaventure's College for the loan of a tennis net, and Lieutenant McCormack, R.C.N., for his advice on replacement of the basketball backboards and for letting the College have a volley ball set.

Respectfully submitted,

Chairman, Faculty Athletic Committee.

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