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The President,
Memorial University College.


Classes with Student Teachers and Household Science Course. Regular classes have been held with the Teachers in Training and the Household Science students. For the latter, courses in Interior Decoration and Costume Design have been given.

Dance Decoration and Puppet Show. Decoration for the Christmas Dance and the Teachers' May Pole Dance has been under the supervision of the Art Department and a project of the student teachers. Another project for the second term is the performance of a puppet show to be staged early in May.

Childrens' Saturday Art Classes. Saturday morning art classes have been held for children from various city schools. These have been for the purpose of giving the teachers actual practice in teaching art to children and also to show what may be done with children of different age groups.

Sketching Group. An art class has been held once a week (in the second term) for students of the College interested in making lino-cuts or sketching from life. Several lino-cuts were made for the Cap and Gown, also for dance programs.

Art Appreciation Exhibitions. An exhibition from the Carnegie collection has been arranged each week and displayed in the Monitor Room. Many students have availed themselves of the opportunity to study and become familiar with architecture, sculpture, and painting, as these developed in various countries and ages. This art appreciation course has traced the development of art as it first appeared in primitive man up to contemporary European art.

Respectfully submitted,

Instructor in Art.

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