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I beg to submit the following report on the activities of the Students' Representative Council and of the various societies under its control during the academic year 1943-1944.

The Students' Representative Council. The Council has held weekly meetings throughout the year to plan and direct the extra-curricuar activities of the students. In October a schedule of social entertainments proposed to be held under the auspices of the student societies was prepared and submitted to the President of the College for approval. The Council has maintained close contact with all societies and has supervised all activities carried out by them. Two entertainments for the Faculty and students were sponsored by the Council. These were the S.R.C. Social, October 16th, and the Christmas Dance, January 6th. Preparations are now being made for the Annual Graduation Dance to be held at the College on June 1st.

The College Magazine, Cap and Gown, has been produced by a committee of students under the control of the Council. This production will be ready for publication before the end of the semester.

Grants of money have been made to the several student societies to enable them to carry out their planned activities. The following subscriptions have been voted for patriotic purposes:

1. Twenty dollars to Ex-Officers Smokes Fund.
2. Fifteen dollars to Mrs. Hatcher's group to assist them in their work for the Service Men of this city.
3. Ten dollars to Ditty Bag Fund.

The Council has set aside an amount of one hundred dollars to be used as a Scholarship for a deserving student of the Teacher Training Class who will be returning to the College next year.

In February the S.R.C. accounts were audited by Dr. W. Templeman and found to be correct.

The Students' Representative Council expresses its appreciation of the assistance it has received during the year from the Faculty of the College and of the co-operation it has had from the student body.

The following is a report on the activities of the societies under the control of the Students' Representative Council.

The Dramatic Society. In the first semester three one-act plays were produced under the direction of Miss Organ, Miss Baird and Mr. Duder, to each of whom the Society expresses its gratitude for the assistance given. These plays were presented at the College on January 7th, several performances having been given previously to servicemen at various places in the city. Because of the many activities engaged in by the students it was not possible to produce another play in the second semester.

The Athletic Union. An extensive programme of athletic activities has been carried out during the year. The Student Athletic Society merged with a Faculty Committee to form the Athletic Union. Much credit is due to Mr. Hanley and Miss Fitzpatrick, who arranged and directed the athletic programme. The following is a list of the year's activities:

1. Inter-Faculty Football.
2. Men's Boxball.
3. Women's Boxball.
4. Men's Inter-Faculty Boxball.
5. Women's Inter-Faculty Boxball.
6. Men's Basketball.
7. Women's Basketball.
8. Sports' Meet and Dance.
9. Men's Inter-Faculty Basketball.
10. Women's Inter-Faculty Basketball.

The women students entered a team in the Inter-Collegiate Basketball series and won second place in the finals.

Pre-Medical Society. Regular meetings have been held during the year. The most important activities of the Society were:

1. The Pre-Medical Social.
2. Arrangement for a visit of the students to the American Base Hospital.
3. Arrangement for a visit to the Government Laboratory.
4. Arrangement for a showing of medical pictures.

The Society has encouraged an active interest among its members in all athletics.

Engineering Society. A number of Smokers was held during the year, the following speakers being present on different occasions: Mr. Etheridge of American Base Engineers, Mr. J. B. Watson of General Electric Company, and Mr. A. E. Searles, Consulting Engineer with the Household Commission.

The seminar has become an integral part of the undergraduate engineer's course of study. At these meetings all senior and junior students must address their fellow engineering students.

The Engineers' Social was held on March 17th in the College Gymnasium and was broadcast through Radio Station V.O.C.M.

The Engineering students have shown keen interest in all athletics and Engineering teams have won all Inter-Faculty Championships.

Student Teachers' Society. The Society has functioned regularly since its organization in September, meetings having been held fortnghtly. Addresses were given by the following speakers: Mr. Hanley, on October 23rd; Mr. R. L. Andrews, on December 20th; Mr. S. J. Hefferton, on March 1st; Dr. Hatcher, on May 3rd.

A debate was held on January 12th and a number of educational films were shown before the student body on March 29th, on May 9th, and on May 11th.

The Teachers' Social was held in the College Gymnasium on May 6th.

Arts and Science Society. A programme arranged by the Executive Committee of the Society has been carried out during the year. The chief features of this programme were:

1. An address by Miss L. Whiteway.
2. Musical entertainment by Mr. R. MacLeod.
3. The Arts and Science Social.
4. A Hat Debate.
5. A Questionnaire.
6. Community Singing.

The Society entered teams to compete in all the Inter-Faculty games. The teams played well but failed to win any championships.

Hiking Committee. Shortly after the College year began an Outing was held at Bowring Park. A number of Hikes were arranged for the students throughout the year. Plans are now being made for the Annual Picnic which is to be held shortly after examinations.

I trust that this report, which covers the most important activities engaged in by the students during the past year, is to your satisfaction.

Respectfully submitted,

President of the
Students' Representative Council.

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