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The President,
Memorial University College.


I have the honour to submit herewith a report on the Household Science Department during the past year.

Registration. There were 22 students registered in the department of whom 6 were in the second year and 16 in the first year. Seventeen teachers in training were given a partial course in Household Science as well as 14 lady teachers in training from the United Church College.

Courses. The following courses were offered this year:

Household Science 1 -- A course dealing with (a) the principles and values of nutrition; (b) general cooking and serving of meals.

Household Science 2 -- This course deals with general physiology, particular emphasis being placed on its relationship to nutrition and public health.

Household Science 3 -- This is a more advanced course in cookery designed for second year students.

Household Science 4 -- A more intensive study of food, its chemical composition, and its relation to health and disease is included in this course. The dietary treatment of deficiency diseases (especially those occurring in Newfoundland) and other diseases is also included in this course.

Household Science 5 -- At present this course is divided into two units: (a) Applied Art -- Interior Decoration; (b) a study of line and colour as applied to dress; practical application in needlecraft. When the Household Science has been expanded into a degree course I hope to see each unit made into a full time subject. At present the Time Table will not allow this.

Household Science 6 -- Household Administration in its various forms comprises this course. I feel that much more benefit would be derived from this course if more space and equipment were available for practical work and demonstrations.

Household Science 7 -- This course is designed especially for prospective teachers. It includes -- (a) the fundamental principles of nutrition with practical application of cookery; (b) practical sewing. The time allotted to this course is too little. When the period for the training of teachers is extended I suggest a further development of these two units into two full time courses.

This year, for the first time, a special course in Physical Training was given to students in Household Science and I am grateful to Mr. Hanley for his help.

For a part of this year some of the second year Household Science students were afforded the opportunity of getting some practice in the teaching of cookery. Thanks are due to Miss Burry, whose co-operation in sending pupils from several of the city schools made this possible.

It was again possible this year to offer a course in Dietetics for Nurses which was taken by student nurses of the Grace Hospital.

At the request of the Canadian Legion Educational Service a brief intensive course in the theory of foods and practical cookery was given to members of the Women's Division of the R.C.A.F. The registration was fifteen and the class was very enthusiastic.

This Department has been somewhat handicapped by a lack of equipment which it has found impossible to secure due to the exigency of the war.

Suggestions. For a long time I have felt that the work of this Department could be handled with greater benefit to the students if it were possible to provide a set of rooms for practice housekeeping. The content of the course would be greatly strengthened if such facilities were available. This year, under guidance, the students of the Household Science Department were given the opportunity of selecting and making furnishings for the Ladies' Common Room. This brought home to us very clearly this lack in our own Department.

At any time the situation of the Household Science laboratory is far from ideal. The laboratory and the classroom as well get very little sun or heat and frequently the floor is unhealthily damp. I look forward to the time when it will be possible for the Memorial University College to secure more suitable accommodation for this Department, especially if, as I hope, the College will embark on more advanced courses leading to a degree in Household Science. In the proposed University course I hope it will be possible to link up this Department in a closer affiliation with the valuable work which is being done by the Public Health Department, Hospitals, Jubilee Guilds and other societies.

This Department has viewed with considerable interest the programme which the Newfoundland Government has entered upon with a view to studying and overcoming the dietary problems of Newfoundland. With this in mind, this year the students in Household Science in the second year carried out a week's experiment of their own. These students planned, prepared, served and ate all their meals for one week at the College. They were responsible for the budgeting, purchasing and planning of well balanced meals of low cost and high dietetic value. The results of these experiments were highly valuable and formed a nucleus of information which was made available to the Government for publication in the bulletin issued by the Newfoundland Government (War Savings Bulletin), and to the public over the air.

It was possible for me during the year to give a series of radio broadcasts in connection with the programme undertaken by the Council on Nutrition of the Newfoundland Medical Association. It was a pleasure to me to receive suggestions from students and their friends and relatives in the outports as to the type of problems they wished discussed in these broadcasts. In my capacity as acting Dietician for the Council on Nutrition, I was able to publish two bulletins: Food for Health. Copies were sent to the teachers in the Island and every student both in the Teacher Training Department of the College and the Household Science Department was given copies.

May I take this opportunity to thank you, Sir, for your kind co-operation and keen interest at all times. My thanks are also due Miss Mansfield, whose readily proffered help and interest in my Department is deeply appreciated.

Respectfully submitted,

Lecturer in Household Science.

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