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The President,
Memorial University College.


Registration. Ninety-three Teachers-in-Training were enrolled during the first half year. Three of these left during the term; two, because of illness, and one to join the R.C.A.F. Two students who had completed the work of the first half year during 1941-42 were enrolled in the second half-year, making a total enrolment for the year of ninety-five.

Department of Public Health and Welfare. It is impossible to say how much we appreciate the work of Dr. Miller and his colleagues of the Department of Public Health and Welfare. This year, in addition to the usual thorough physical examination, the treatment of defects thus revealed and a course of lectures on Public Health during the first half year, almost all the students were inoculated against diphtheria.

Observation and Practice Teaching. We appreciate very much the privilege of spending a short time in the City schools for this important part of our work. This year, because weather conditions made it impossible for the usual number of children to be present on the Wednesday and Thursday of the second week of Practice Teaching, the principals of the various schools allowed us to remain three days longer than usual. This permitted us to do more observation and almost all students were observed by two members of the staff.

Curriculum. The following changes were made during the present year:

    (a) The course in General Science was modified to include elementary Manual Training during the first half year and High School Methods during the second half year.

    (b) The time given to Nature Study was increased from one afternoon every three weeks to two classes, or one and a half hours per week.

A complete regrouping of the courses involving an increased amount of purely academic work is under consideration and it is hoped that in this way a more balanced curriculum will be offered in the future. It is hoped that a course in High School Methods will be offered for those students in first year Arts and Science who are seeking Associate Grade, so that the Teacher Training Department will be able to maintain contact with Teachers in Training attempting to qualify for Associate and University Grade as well as for First Grade.

Library. During the present year a considerable number of new books has been added to the North Library.

In the field of Teacher Training it is not always possible or desirable to use text books so that a wide variety of reference books is essential for effective work. We have endeavoured to provide ten copies of the reference books most frequently used and five copies of those used less frequently. In addition the Department of Education has supplied us with at least fifteen copies of the text books now in use in the schools throughout the country.

St. Bride's College. Because of transportation difflculties which arose early in the year, an arrangement, involving a measure of affiliation, was entered into with St. Bride's College whereby women students of the Teacher Training Class, in residence there, received instruction in certain subjects, viz., Music, Literature, Art (in part) and Psychology (in part) from members of the staff of that College. Instruction was given in the remaining subjects by members of this staff either in the College or at Littledale. The time table was completely revised so that the women students concerned attended classes at the College on two days only in each week.

I should like to take this opportunity of thanking Miss Baird, Miss DuBois, Miss Howe, Miss Jennings and Mr. Lear for their ready co-operation during the year and Miss Lodge and Miss Fitzpatrick for their help and support at all times.

Respectfully submitted,

Professor of Education.

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