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The President,
Memorial University College.


Teacher Training Department. The Art work done by the student-teachers this year compares favourably with that done by the students in other years. The fact that the Art Room was filled with busy students during after-class periods seems to show that Art gives enjoyment and satisfaction to the individual. Projects on the following subjects were carried out by the students:

    Theory of Colour
    Potato Printing
    Poster Design
    Elem. Perspective
    Scribble Drawing
    Linoleum Printing
    Cut Paper Work
    Imit. Stained Glass
    Landscape Drawing
    Figure Drawing

A series of lectures were given on the psychology of child drawing. It was interesting to note that the drawings of the children in the Saturday Morning Art Class showed the same types of symbolic drawing as that done by children in other countries.

We were fortunate this year in having several special speakers in the class room. Miss Geen gave a talk on drawings done by Eskimo children in Nain and other parts of Labrador, and an interesting exhibition of their work was displayed in Room 12. Mr. Curtis of the Merchant Navy exhibited an original painting of his own and explained it to the students.

The decoration of the Assembly Hall for the Christmas festivities by the Teachers-in-Training has become a tradition. It was effectively decorated with evergreen and illuminated imitation stained glass windows. The students also decorated the ward in the Merchant Navy Hospital. Their decorations for the May social were simple and novel and most attractive.

Each student made a marionette, and dressed and manipulated it. A puppet show was presented to the public, and an exhibition of the year's work displayed in Room 12.

The Saturday morning Art Class for city children proved to be a valuable training ground for the student teachers. Over thirty children attended regularly. It was a joy to see their enthusiasm and the pleasure they found in Art work. I believe the student teachers learned a valuable lesson from this fact alone.

The Art Appreciation Classes were held in Room 12. The first course given was an introduction to Italian Art. In this series slides were shown on general Italian Art. The next subject for study was the Golden Age of Italian Art, and the lives and works of Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Tintoretto, and Titian were studied.

In the second semester a new series was started in which Dutch Art was discussed, with special attention given to the lives and paintings of Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Vermeer. This was followed by a study of the Spanish artists El Greco and Velasquez. The lectures were concluded by a talk on Goya and Daumier and the impetus they gave to modern Art. After each lecture the pictures shown were left on display for the whole student body. One of the largest exhibitions was a display of Gothic Architecture. Students in the College visited Room 12 frequently throughout the year.

The Loan Collection, consisting of about thirty coloured and framed prints of famous works of art, was exhibited at the beginning of the first term, and has been in popular demand all year. In this connection I would like to point out that the students in residence are not always able to avail themselves of this privilege, because there is no place in their rooms to hang pictures.

Household Science and Interior Decoration. This class has proved to be a most interesting one. The textbook, Elements of Interior Decoration by Whiton, deals with the history of Architecture and Interior Decoration from the Styles of Antiquity to Modern Decorative Arts. It links historical events with the Arts in such a way as to give much more meaning to both.

There are also practical chapters on textiles, curtains, floor coverings, paints and painting, wall treatments and backgrounds, colour and colour schemes. The book provoked many interesting discussions. The young ladies also learned practical weaving done mostly in their spare periods. They completed the whole process from making a warp to the finished cloth and made handbags from it.

The Art Club for College Students was an innovation this year. A great deal of interest was shown in the club. Under its auspices a movie on the Art of A. Y. Jackson was shown in the Assembly Hall. This movie was in colour and was shown by Mr. Alfred Pick, through the courtesy of the Canadian High Commissioner. Several demonstrations on the Art of Cartooning were given by Mr. Curtis, M.N. A talk on the Aims of Modern Art by Mr. A. Pinsley, R.C.A.F., and a lecture and demonstration in block-printing by Mrs. I. J. Green were also given. Had the club been formed earlier, practical work in drawing and sketching would have been done by the members. It is to be hoped the Art Club will continue the good work next year.

Respectfully submitted,

Instructor in Art.

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