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The President,
Memorial University College,
St. John's.


I beg to submit the report of the Teacher Training Department for 1941-1942.

Registration. Ninety-three Teachers-in-Training were enrolled in September, a decrease of five over the previous year's registration. One student, who had completed her first Semester in 1938-39 and withdrew owing to ill-health, was enrolled for the second Semester. During the year six students withdrew -- two retiring through ill-health, three abandoning teaching as a future profession and one because of the illness of his wife. The three who abandoned the teaching profession were men. Since better opportunities in other lines of work are now available, it is going to be more difficult in the future to keep the better type male students in the teaching profession.

Department of Public Health and Welfare. Dr. Miller and his colleagues of the Department of Public Health and Welfare again conducted a general medical examination of all teachers-in-training. A course of lectures on Public Health was given throughout both Semesters by Dr. Miller.

Most of those who had physical defects had them corrected during the academic year. This increased their efficiency for learning and consequently prevented a number of students from failing in one or more of their courses in Teacher-Training. Dr. Miller was the means of accomplishing this valuable service for the College and to him our thanks are due.

Practice Teaching and Observation. Our student teachers were again granted two weeks of observation and practical teaching in the second Semester by the Headmasters and Headmistresses of the Schools and Colleges in St. John's. We are extremely grateful for this service which is undoubtedly essential in the training of the teacher.

Student-Teachers' Society. The Student-Teachers of the Memorial University College met early in the first Semester and elected the officers for their Society. The Society had frequent meetings during both Semesters. It is our opinion that the Society again fulfilled its purpose well throughout the academic year.

The Naval Hospital. The loan of a part of the College buildings for use as a Naval Hospital has somewhat interfered with several courses in Teacher-Training. The General Science Room had to be abandoned and the Monitor Room used in its place. This resulted in a loss of several weeks of instruction in the subjects of General Science and Nature Study at the beginning of the first Semester. Physical Training could no longer be done in the Gymnasium. It had to operate with great difficulty in the Assembly Hall which has so many and various uses. By the use of the Gymnasium for the purposes of a hospital, the Physical Training Course is seriously handicapped.

On the whole our year's work has once more carried with it a fair measure of success. We are, however, of the opinion that it will never be completely successful until better facilities for observation and practice teaching shall be at our disposal. Nevertheless, we again feel that we have succeeded in giving our students the point of view and sufficient technique of teaching to enable them to solve many of the problems that they will meet when they go out into the schools of Newfoundland.

I have the honour to be,
Your obedient servant,
Professor of Education.

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