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A Survey Camp, three weeks' practical course in Surveying, was held at Brigus in 1941. Twenty-six students attended the camp and the work on the whole was very satisfactory. A house was rented at Brigus and this served for living quarters during the session. The house proved quite suitable as it contained a large kitchen, a dining room, and rooms with fireplaces which were used as bedrooms. A man was employed as cook and gave adequate service.

The students were divided into five working groups; this arrangement was necessary owing to lack of survey equipment, but nevertheless proved practical. Taping, compass work, levelling of roads and fields, exercises in topographical surveying, made up the main part of the work. A base line was erected on the hills overlooking the village, which served to tie in all the work. The general topographical outline of Brigus, surrounded as it is with hills, and with the village situated in the valley, lends itself admirably to work of this kind. Although the weather was cold it did not prevent out-of-door work, in fact there were only two days when this was not possible. Brigus is favourably located and is accessible to students; and supplies not purchased in St. John's could be secured at short notice.

May I submit a few suggestions for future survey camps?

1. A caution deposit of $.50 per student should be collected, this would look after rough handling breakages.

2. A transit, a level, and tapes are badly needed, as well as some extra equipment (kitchen equipment) which should form part of the permanent equipment of the Engineering Department. A transit and tapes ordered this year may not be secured until next academic year.

3. That the camp begin earlier so that in the event of three or four days rain, when out-or-door work would not be possible, it could still finish a day or two before classes at the College begin.

4. That the camp be held at Brigus again next year. It would be well to decide on a suitable locality for a permanent camp site. An unused house could be purchased and yearly improved to suit our needs. Permanent stations could be set and a more regular programme followed.

The fees collected were $650.00 and covered the expenses of the camp with a small margin; a copy of the expenses involved has already been forwarded.

I should like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Rev. E. Broughton for continuous kindness during our stay at Brigus, C. K. Howse, Esq., B.Sc., for loan of equipment. J. H. Burridge. Esq., A. Hatcher, Esq., B.Sc., who kindly lent a level, and to the Registrar.

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