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May 20, 1942

Dear Doctor Hatcher:

We are aware that you are quite familiar with the work of the Cadet Corps during 1941-42, but would now like to present a brief report for your information.

In general, the course of training was similar to that given last year. We were able to start earlier in the year, at the end of September, and some 27 evenings were devoted to fundamental training, viz. foot drill, use of rifle and machine-gun, route-marching and physical training, with some instruction in the use of the gas mask, and in field signals. The second year Cadets were given at the end of the second semester some six lectures on map reading, Bren gun, anti-tank gun, soldier's personal equipment, war gases and company formation. These lectures were given by officers of the Canadian Forces, the rest of the training was given by N.C.O's of the Nfld. Militia. Major Armstrong of the Canadian Forces had kindly offered to give a course of instructions in artillery, but the examination period was near and we were unfortunately unable to accept. We hope it will be possible to avail of this offer next year.

Some 114 Cadets, in 3 squads, were medically approved and trained, squad 1 consisting of 38 Cadets, who were in their second year of training. Their work was for the most part a repetition of the previous year's.

The second year Cadets of squad 1 paraded as a unit to represent the College in the Remembrance Ceremony on Nov. 11,1941. On May 15, the annual inspection was held; in the absence of the Commissioner for Defence, the salute was taken by Lt. Col. Rendell, Secretary for Defence.

The Military Training Committee for 1941-42 consisted of Dr. Powell, Convener, and Messrs. Carew, Duder and Gillingham. We regretted that Dr. Hunter, whose work for the Cadet Corps in the preceding year was so conscientious and efficient, could not continue to serve. At its regular weekly meetings the Committee considered reports on absences, unpunctuality, etc., as presented from the instructors, discussed future plans for the Cadet Corps, and on this head presented to you certain recommendations. Books on various aspects of military training have been procured, and, placed in a special shelf of the Library, should prove useful for courses given in the coming year.

The Convener is writing to thank the various offlcers who generously offered assistance during the year now past.

In conclusion we wish once again to offer certain suggestions for the improvement of training. These are based on our experience, and supported by the recommendations of a committee of students (see Essay, "Report of Committee on M.U.C. Cadet Corps").

1. More physical training. In the past year, as we were unable to avail of the facilities of the College Gymnasium, only one period of P.T. was given weekly. Two are desirable.

2. Target practice should be given as in 1939-40 for the rifle; and also with the machine-gun.

3. For efficiency in machine-gun training smaller squads be arranged. It is impossible to train efficiently when there is only one instructor to some 35 or more Cadets.

4. Permanent instructors for the year or semester. Training has been retarded because there is often a different instructor each Friday night. Particularly was this true of the physical training.

5. Instructors of Nfld. Militia, in the interest of stricter discipline, should present weekly reports to Military Training Committees. This was done during the first semester.

6. One lecture weekly should be devoted to general matters of army organization and training for all Cadets.

7. Training in the Cadet Corps should be considered an essential part of the education of men students; and more permanent equipment such as rifles, uniforms, maps, etc., be provided.

If the above recommendations could be put into effect, a greater demand would be made on the students' time, but we believe that the results would justify this.

Respectfully submitted,

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