The 40's
SCIENCE, 1944-1945

The President,
Memorial University College.

I have the honour to submit the following report on the Household Science Department during the past year.

Registration. There were 43 students registered in the department, 12 took the full Household Science course and 31 took the partial course offered to the Teachers-in-Training.

Courses. The course as outlined in the calendar was followed. It is to be regretted that a course in Physical Training was not available this year. To make up for this lack the Household Science students took an active part in the Athletics offered by the College.

Exhibitions. The second year Household Science students with the co-operation of the first year Household Science and the Teachers-in-Training arranged a Nutritional Exhibition. This exhibition was examined by five hundred students and proved to be a source of great interest and information. The photographic and written descriptions were published by the local papers. More frequent exhibitions of this nature, offered for the benefit of the parents as well as for the students, might well form another of the many services rendered to the people of Newfoundland by the College.

The Teachers-in-Training held an exhibition of the work done in the course in clothing. New garments, old garments remodeled, patching and darning were among the exhibits. The quantity and quality of the work done were exceptionally good. It is to be regretted that at present it is impossible to allot more space and time to the further development of this course.

Experiments. By request and through the co-operation of the Supplies Division of the Government the first and some of the second year students carried out a very useful and interesting experiment in working out and testing recipes made from powdered milk. Copies of these recipes were sent to the Supplies Division for use of the general public. Experiments were also carried out using Soy Bean and other flours.

The second year Household Science students availed themselves of the opportunity afforded them of assisting with demonstrations and cookery classes given to student nurses taking the course in Dietetics.

At the request of the Canadian Legion Educational Services a course in the Theory of Foods and Practical Cookery was given to members of the Women's Division of the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Canadian Navy.

The course in Dietetics offered to student nurses of the Grace Hospital was extended this year to include a short course in Food Preparation.

This Department was fortunate enough to be of slight service in establishing a link with other educational organizations, such as the Adult Teachers Association, Parent-Teacher Association, Newfoundland Film Board and the Council on Nutrition.

The discussions which took place at the joint meetings of the supervisors and the staff of the Education Department of the Memorial University College were very interesting and informative. It was pleasing to note the enthusiasm and interest which the Commissioner for Education took in the Household Science course. His interest encouraged me to put my long-hoped-for plan of extending the course to include the men teachers into execution. This request was made to the Education Department of the College and I am grateful to the President and Faculty for accepting a course in Nutrition as part of the Household Science course for the following year. It is proposed to use films as one of the teaching methods for this course and, judging from this year's experience, it should be very successful.

It was possible for me again during part of the year to give a series of Radio Broadcasts in connection with the programme undertaken by the Council of Nutrition of the Newfoundland Medical Association. These talks have often served as topics for discussion in the classroom. The criticisms and comments of the students have been helpful.

The situation of the Household Science laboratory is far from ideal. I look forward to the time when it will be possible for the College to provide more suitable accommodations for this department. During this past summer I was fortunate enough to be in a position to visit four Household Science laboratories. The information obtained will I trust be useful in planning a new Household Science laboratory in the near future. In addition a visit was made to the Nutritional Laboratory of the Royal Canadian Air Force stationed at Guelph. I was impressed with the valuable work which was carried out in this laboratory not only in planning well balanced dietaries but also with the frequent analysis of their daily food. Such a laboratory in the Memorial University College would be invaluable to Newfoundland and with the co-operation of the other Science departments of the College much work could be done in obtaining better health for our people.

May I take this opportunity to thank you, Sir, for your kindness and keen interest at all times. My thanks are also due to Miss Mansfield, whose understanding and willingness to help are greatly appreciated.

Respectfully submitted,
Associate Professor of Household Science
May 26th, 1945.

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