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Cap and Gown, 1948-49

Society Reports

Arts and Science Society Report
Engineering Society Report
Pre-Medical Report
Education Society Report
International Relations Club
French Society

Arts and Science Society Report

At the first two meetings the officers for the year 1948-49 were elected. They were as follows:

    Honorary President Dr. A. C. Hunter.
    President Mr. Mark Genge.
    Secretary Miss Sheila Parsons.
    Members of the Executive -- Miss Jeanne Macpherson, Miss Madeline Randell, Mr. Roland Hawkins and Mr. Calvin Evans.

The next meeting was held in the Ladies' Common Room, when pictures were shown by Mr. Harold Granter of the Film Board. After the pictures refreshments were served by the ladies. Before the meeting closed everybody took part in a very enjoyable singsong.

At the next meeting Dr. and Mrs. Hunter honoured us with their presence. Dr. Hunter gave a very interesting address entitled "Glimpses of Spain," and Mrs. Hunter showed the pictures which accompanied his address. All who were present found the evening both interesting and informative.

Two weeks later the Rev. Fred Sass of the Queen's Road Presbyterian Church was kind enough to give us a most interesting talk on South Africa. We all enjoyed the vivid account he gave us of some aspects of life in his home town Cape Town. He is an enthusiastic young speaker and no doubt many of us were inspired by his talk to take greater interest in another part of the world, either from a missionary viewpoint or from the viewpoint of international relations. We are very grateful to him.

Our next meeting will probably be on March 30th, when we hope to have a joint meeting with the Education Society. We are planning a debate with a team from that society.

The Arts and Science Social this year is to be held April 21st. Plans have not yet been made, but it is hoped that all members will cooperate to make it a big success, as it is the last social of the year.

The officers and members of the Society wish those who are to graduate the best of luck in everything, and hope that all the up-and-coming students will enjoy every success in the coming year.


Engineering Society Report
    Honorary President: S. J. Carew.
    President: R. W. Myers.
    Vice-President: H. Chafe.
    Secretary: K. Barrett.

Mr. Myers then spoke for his associates and thanked the Engineering faculty for its confidence in them, adding that they would do their best to live up to expectations.

At another general meeting in November it was decided to hold the annual Engineering Banquet this year before Christmas. Various persons were elected in connection with this affair, and it was held as scheduled in the Cochrane Hotel. Among the guests invited were Mr. G. S. Doyle, Mr. C. A. Pippy, Dr. Hunter and Mr. G. A. Frecker. The latter, as guest speaker, proposed the toast to Newfoundland. The banquet was one of the best held for many years, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

As usual, several smokers were held this year. Capt. Allaine of Fort Pepperrell spoke on "Military Engineering," Mr. G. Ross on "Dams in Engineering," Mr. C. House on "Mining in Labrador" and Mr. J. Smallwood on "Confederation." Needless to say, all students were extremely interested in them, and greatly appreciated the trouble through which the speakers went to address them. The smoker committee convener was V. Richards.

The eagerly looked forward to Engineering Barn Dance was held on St. Patrick's Day. It seemed as if all the hillbillys in Kentucky had assembled in the gaily decorated Gym. The party was as usual, a tremendous success.

In closing, I would like to extend my thanks to my associates and to all the engineering faculty, who have made this year's Society a really living, active one.

Pre-Medical Report -- By Paula Maher
The Society was honoured by Professor Rees Wright, who accepted the position of Honourary President for the year. This is Professor Rees Wright's first year on the College faculty and we feel sure that he will be with us for many years.

The first meeting of the year was opened on October 11th and the following elections took place:?

    Honourary President: Professor Rees Wright.
    President: Ian King.
    Vice-President: Mr. Don Poole.
    Secretary: Miss Paula Maher

Athletic Union Representative and Sports Convener: Mr. John Hickey.

It was decided when the monthly meetings would be held. Each meeting was well attended and business was speedily transacted.

On October 21st the Society was very fortunate in having as distinguished guest, Dr. Hinks, who is general Director of the National Committee for Mental Health in Canada and sometime General Director of the National Committee in the United States of America. Dr. Hinks spoke of his interesting work and he explained very clearly the division of Mental Health. He concluded his address with good wishes to the members of the Society. Although Dr. Hinks left for Canada shortly after, we shall always remember his wonderful visit with us. We were also quite pleased to have present Professor Rees Wright and Professor Lear.

The Pre-Medical Social was held on November 15th at the U.S.O. and it proved to be a very gala affair. The hall was decorated beautifully by the Decorating Committee and a refreshing supper served by the Supper Committee. The Society was honoured to have Professor Rees Wright and Miss Baird as chaperons. Chrissie Andrews and his orchestra were in top form as usual and the evening was a great success.

The Society was also very fortunate in the sporting events of the College year. They won the inter-faculty basketball series in which the Engineers proved to be difficult opponents. Also there is a possible chance of their winning the hockey championship because the team line-up looks promising. Almost anything can happen.

The evening entertainments of the Society were very successful. On several occasions we had movies consisting of interesting subjects. The first smoker of the year was held in the Ladies' Common Room. On this occasion Mr. Donald Samson spoke of his experiences in the Hospital for Mental Health. Mr. Samson began the 1948-49 year at Memorial but because of ill health he was forced to leave.

The members of the Society visited the Government Laboratory and the General Hospital, and later will visit the Mental Hospital. These tours are very interesting and I take this occasion to thank the Doctors in charge of these institutions for their wonderful co-operation.

I conclude this report by stating that the executive field of the past year was a very successful one and I wish the Society much success in the ensuing years.

Education Society Report

    President: Stan Parsons.
    Secretary: Jean Lewis.
    Members of Executive: Angela Kent, Joan Oldford, Nelson Bennett, Bert Brown.

At the first meeting of the Education Society, held on Tuesday, September 28th, Professor Hickman gave an interesting address on "The Teaching Profession."

The next meeting, held on October 6th, was chiefly concerned with the election of officers. Miss A. Kent (Littledale), Miss J. Oldford, B. Brown, N. Bennett were elected as members of the Executive. Professor Hickman was unanimously elected Honorary President. Our sub-editor for the Cap and Gown is Mr. G. Compton and our representative to the Athletic Union, Mr. H. Walters.

The Executive asked Mr. Clyde Smith to act as convenor of the sick Committee and he consented to do so. This Committee plans visits to sick members in hospital and in the sanatorium.

Our Athletic Union representative, Mr. H. Walters, resigned his position because of new duties. Mr. E. Davis replaced him and is doing a fine job.

During two subsequent meetings Mr. King of the Film Board was kind enough to show us a number of films with actual teaching problems.

On November 9th, Mr. G. A. Frecker, B.A., B.E., Secretary for Education, spoke informally on "Matters of Active Interest to Everyone in the Teaching Profession." He described the evolution of the Department of Education and discussed the minor branches of it.

The last meeting before Christmas took the form of a social afternoon to which the members of the Faculty were invited. The meeting opened with a quiz between first and second year students on "Newfoundland." The second year students won by the narrow margin of two points. Following this, a number of Queen's College students entertained the gathering with violin and piano selections. Refreshments were served to the Faculty and students, after which all joined in singing Christmas carols to conclude the afternoon.

The annual Education Social was held February 10th in the former U.S.O. building and, from all reports, was a huge success. We are very thankful to Mr. and Mrs. Rowe for acting as chaperons for the evening. Chris Andrews supplied the music and the various novelty dances added to the success of the affair. Mr. S. Parsons brought along his accordion and the square dances held in adjoining rooms really made the outport students feel at home. The colourful Valentine decoration caused very favourable comments as did the novel dance programme.

The members of the Society have been taking an active interest in sport especially in inter-faculty football and hockey.

During the second semester we plan to have films and talks by Miss Brett of the Department of Public Health and Welfare, Miss Angel of the Red Cross, Mr. Davis, Secretary of the Tuberculosis Association and Mr. R. L. Andrews, M.A., Executive Officer of the Department of Education.

International Relations Club

The officers of the I.R.C. for 1948-49 are:

Honorary President: Professor A. M. Fraser, M.A.
President: Ian King.
Secretary: Aubrey Osborne.

An early beginning was made in the Club's activities this year, the first meeting having been held on October 5. Professor A. M. Fraser, M.A was unanimously appointed Honorary President and Faculty Advisor at this meeting. The President and Secretary had been elected at the closing meeting last year. Professor Fraser addressed the Club on the nature of its work, and concisely outlined the world situation as it existed at the time. He said that It was our duty to discuss matters of international importance and understand them. In this way we should gain a better understanding of our national problems and help to bring about lasting, world wide peace. We were all deeply impressed by Professor Fraser's address.

It was decided that meetings would be held once every two weeks. The time of the week when they should be held had to be decided to suit the majority of members, and it was found that 5:00 P.M. on Tuesday would be the most suitable time. This limited the length of the meetings, as we should have to close at around 6:00 P.M., but it was the best arrangement that could be made because of the rather full time-tables of most of the students.

Meetings have been held as regularly as possible. Some have had to be postponed because of clashes with meetings of other societies. During the time of the mid-year examinations meetings were cancelled, the members being of course very busy at that time. Attendance has been good at all meetings, and well-prepared papers have been presented and have given rise to lively, intelligent, discussions.

The first paper for the year was entitled "What Has Brought Us to the Present Grave International Situation," and was presented by Mr. Maxwell Mullett, a third year Education student. Mr. Mullett thought that the situation was caused by greed on the part of the teachers of industry and commerce, who kept arousing the feelings of the people against communism. Those leaders would be ones who would lose under communism, but he thought that the common people would benefit under it, so we should not fight against it. Discussion of this paper was carried on at the following meeting.

The next speaker was Mr. Oscar Parsons, a second year Education student, who spoke on "The U.N.O. and World Peace." Mr. Parsons traced the history of the U.N.O. and described its structure, then he outlined its work, and the way in which it handled its problems.

"Peace through Co-operation" was the title of the next paper. This was presented by Mr. Gerard Feltham, a second year Science student. As its title suggests, the paper dealt with federation, which the speaker thought was the only solution for the problems of the world today.

One of our meetings took a special form, a program of films having been substituted for the usual proceedings. The films were chosen for their special interest to the Club and were well enjoyed.

We are now planning a program of activities for the remainder of the year. Dr. Hunter has kindly consented to address us in the near future. No definite plans have been made as yet concerning topics for papers to be presented, but the members have been asked for suggestions, and no doubt some of them have some good ideas. We wish to thank those who have helped in the past few months by presenting papers and taking part in discussions.

French Society

This year an old society has returned to the College, The French Society, The objectives of this society are to give French students a better understanding of spoken French and by social gatherings to help them get a working knowledge of conversational French. The first meeting was held at 5.15 p.m. on Friday, October twenty-ninth, in Room 14. Doctor Hunter addressed the society on how it might accomplish its objectives and kindly offered his assistance.

The officers for the year were then elected. The results of the election were as follows:

Honorary President: Dr. Hunter.
President: Mr. P. Pickett.
Secretary: Miss Doreen Gill.
S.R.C. Representative: Mr. G. Compton.

The next meeting, which was one of the series of monthly meetings, was held at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday, November third, in the Ladies' Common Room under the direction of Miss Brinton.

These meetings took the form of social gatherings, during which time French was spoken in conversation, games and singsongs and students were given the pleasure and benefit of listening to French records and seeing French films.

Weekly meetings were held at 5.15 p.m. on Wednesdays at Miss Brinton's home. Students gathered to speak French among themselves and to receive further benefit from Miss Brinton's knowledge and experience.

On Tuesday, February eighth, a business meeting was called to arrange a programme for the second term. No changes were made in the procedure of the meetings but it was decided that the monthly meeting would be held on the first Tuesday of each month instead of the first Wednesday as previously arranged, and that the weekly meetings would be held alternately on Thursday and Friday afternoons at 5 p.m. in the College.

Highlights of the second term's activities were visits made to French seamen at the Merchant Navy Hospital. Several groups of students made Sunday afternoon visits and were delighted and somewhat surprised that they could converse with these Frenchmen without too much difficulty.

We would like to record our thanks to the members of the Film Board who answered our requests for films and also to Mr. Bridle of the office of the Canadian High Commissioner for the use of two very enjoyable films.

We are looking forward to many more enjoyable meetings and hope that the life of the Society will be a long and beneficial one.

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