The 40's

The President,
Memorial University College.

On December 4th., Miss E. Brinton held a meeting for all the girls in Teacher-Training who were interested in Guiding. She explained the origin and work of the Guide movement, and outlined what was necessary for a Guide Company. Her talk proved very interesting and many of the girls became anxious to form a Guide Company. Olive Rideout was appointed to act as Captain and Frances Barrett to act as Lieutenant.

The first meeting was held on December 9th, and twenty-six girls were present. Four patrol leaders were appointed, viz: V. Fowlow, V. Cluett, S. Richards and A. Bennett. These in turn chose their seconds and four other girls for their patrols. and all began working very enthusiastically for their Tenderfoot Badge under the direction of their leaders.

Meetings were held as regularly as possible during the next few weeks. On March 17th the girls passed their Tenderfoot tests before Miss Furlong and Miss Brinton and at the next meeting the enrolment ceremony was practiced.

On March 20th. Lady Walwyn paid a visit to the company and enrolled the following: J. Shave, J. Barnes, H. Bennett, B. Parsons, S. Weste, D. Drodge, H. Stick, E. Butler, S. Belbin, E. Noble, all of whom had passed their Tenderfoot Tests. After the ceremony she spoke very encouragingly to the new Guides wishing them every success in future Guide work. She spoke of the great need of leaders in the small outports and urged them to become Second Class Guides as soon as possible and start companies of their own in places where there were no Guide Companies.

We were also glad to welcome to our enrollment ceremony Lady London, who accompanied Lady Walwyn, Miss Furlong and several members of the Faculty.

Miss Furlong and Miss Brinton showed keen interest in the company all through the year and paid several visits. They talked to the girls on how to start companies of their own and explained how further information could be obtained by writing to Miss Adams at Girl Guide Headquarters, Water Street. They were shown how to mark patrol books and keep records etc.

During March some of the Guides in the Cadet Company took part in a Guide broadcast which was arranged by Girl Guide Headquarters in St. John's.

These girls had been members of Companies in some of the outports. They sent messages to their sister guides urging them to keep up their interest and in places where Companies were no longer active to reorganize a company.

The last meeting was held on May 4th. It was unfortunate that owing to lack of time more Second Class work could not be done. But on the whole the meetings proved to be very profitable and enjoyable, particularly to girls who had never been in a Guide Company before, and who were now members of the great sisterhood of Guides.

Respectfully submitted,
Olive Rideout,

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