The 40's

The President,
Memorial University College.

I have the honour to submit the following report on the work of the joint athletic committee for the university year 1944-1945. The work of the committee has been to arrange and supervise the sports programme of the college. Your whole-hearted support, Sir, and wise counsel were appreciated and most beneficial. The committee consisted of a Faculty chairman, appointed by you, and eight students elected by their fellow students. Its aims were to foster sportsmanship, improve college spirit, and provide recreation for as many students as possible.

Sports Programme. The College year started with the usual outdoor sports of Football for the men and Field-hockey for the women. The football games were inter-faculty, while the women played in the field-hockey league of the city high schools. The season for outdoor sports is short, and these were soon replaced by boxball in the gymnasium, a game introduced last year by Mr. P. J. Hanley. For this game the students were grouped into teams, each team having representatives from all the faculties. The abilities of the players were considered, and the teams were matched as evenly as possible. Competition was keen, and the games were lively and popular. This series ended before Christmas. From Christmas until mid-year inter-faculty boxball was played. After mid-year the committee was able to arrange a short inter-faculty ice-hockey series for the men. The rink at St. Bon's was hired and games were played on Saturday afternoons. This was the first College hockey since the Arena was burnt and we were pleased to introduce it again. The attendance at the games was large and enthusiastic. At this time of the year, the most popular college game was being played, viz., basketball. It was a great success in all series, general inter-faculty, men's and women's. The women's team coached by Mr. P. J. Hanley gave a good account of themselves in the high school series. A men's college team was started this year and coached by a member of the forces. Exhibition games with senior high school teams were played on Saturday afternoons. These were keen and evenly contested.

Sports Day. On this day in the college gymnasium a programme of games was held. These were many of the league championship withheld until this time, with boxing, tug-of-war, and an exhibition basketball game with Prince of Wales College. Tea was served, the prizes were presented by Mrs. Hatcher, and a stage show was given with talent from each society. A dance in the evening brought the day to a successful end.

A canteen held on Saturdays earned almost enough money to defray costs. Practically the whole student body attended and participated in this event.

Physical Training. Classes in P.T. were introduced this year on a voluntary basis. Many students who took part in P. T. took no other exercise, attendance was good, but as the classes had to be held at night many could not attend.

General. The following suggestions are made for your consideration. A coach with a knowledge of P. T. as a full time employee of the college would be an asset. He could work with the committee and could see that the programme was more completely carried out.

Men's sports, boxing, and wrestling, which would improve students' self-assurance would be welcome additions.

Physical Training could be made compulsory, and classes held for groups during the day, fitting into the time-table. Exercising apparatus and horizontal bars for the gymnasium would be an improvement. The gymnasium itself has hardly any space for spectators. It could be enlarged by building on to the west side, to allow for a spectators gallery. It has been found that an audience lends much to the success of the games.

Acknowledgments. The committee is grateful to you, Sir, as President of the college, to Captain C. Carter, Miss Baird, Mr. P. J. Hanley, Sgts. Jardine and Coltas for kindness and assistance rendered.

The work was enjoyable and interesting to me as well as to the students, and I trust, Sir, satisfactory to you.

Respectfully submitted,
Chairman, Joint Athletic Committee.

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