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1. Registration

Sixty-two Teachers-in-Training were enrolled in September, an increase of ten over the previous year's registration.

2. Department of Public Health and Welfare

Dr. Miller and his colleagues of the Department of Public Health and Welfare conducted a general physical examination of all the Teachers-in-Training. This included Tuberculin Test and X-Ray examinations of the chests. The latter were done under the direetion of Dr. Bennett, Superintendent of the Sanatorium. The Department also conducted a course of fifteen lectures related to the subject of Public Health. At the conclusion of this course, the Teachers-in-Training were tested individually by an oral examination.

3. Newfoundland Junior Red Cross

Miss Herbert, Organizer of Junior Red Cross, gave a talk to the Teachers-in-Training telling them how to organize and carry on the Junior Red Cross in the school programme.

4. Portfolio Making

The "A" and "B" Groups of the Teachers-in-Training constructed two portfolios on the Industries of Newfoundland. With the help of Mrs. R.B. Shaw, Supervisor of the Junior Red Cross in the Province of Quebec, these were exchanged for Junior Red Cross Portfolios of St. Laurent School, Grand'mere, and of the ungraded school of Portneuf.

5. Weaving

Weaving classes for a period of one month were conducted by Miss E. Parsons of the Newfoundland Jubilee Guilds. Twenty-eight Teachers-in-Training attended these classes. They learned to set up the loom and make the entries for a large variety of patterns. Two looms, one kindly lent by Lady Walwyn and one the property of the Jubilee Guilds, were used for these classes. The College has since purchased a loom of its own.

6. Girl Guiding

About thirty Teachers-in-Training entered the Girl Guides classes in September which were under the direction of Miss Caroline Furlong, Captain, and Commissioner for Training. In October Lady Walwyn was present at the first Guide Enrolment and personally enlisted sixteen recruits into the "First St. John's Cadet Company". Lady Walwyn before leaving, promised to denote and present new colours to the Company. This promise was fulfilled shortly after the mid-year when Lady Walwyn presented the Company Colours and the Union Jack.

In November, Miss McMahon, Guide Commissioner for Canada, paid the Company two visits from which many helpful ideas were obtained. The Guides hope to complete their Second Class in the days following the final examinations of the College.

7. Teachers' Seminar

The Department again gave a full measure of support to the teachers of the city in conducting a Seminar which was held every two weeks in the College.

8. Practice Teaching and Observation

Through the kindness of the Headmasters and Headmistresses of schools in St. John's, opportunities were again provided for observation and practice teaching. The teachers worked with us most generously in this as they have done for the last two years. In addition to the three days of observation in the Academy of our Lady of Mercy, Bishop Spencer College and Holloway School during the year, each teacher in training spent one full week in some classroom or class-rooms in the city, working under the direction of the regular teacher or teachers. This was of great value to the teachers-to-be, and for the service so willingly rendered by the schools we are extremely grateful.

9. Excursions

Excursions were made in groups to the Nail Foundry, the Colonial Cordage Company, the Browning-Harvey Factory and the Newfoundland Butter Company. These were very helpful in our work in the Social studies.

10. Glee Club

This year, as last year, a large number of teachers-in-training joined the College Glee Club which is under the direction of Miss Eleanor Mews, L.T.C.M. The instruction in singing they receive there is very valuable to them when they go out into the schools of Newfoundland.

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