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Early in the year it was suggested to the students of the College by the Vice-President that a study group would be profitable in providing an opportunity for students to discuss and form opinions as well as gather useful information on subjects about Newfoundland.

The suggestion was taken up at once and before long a large number of students showed their interest by starting a Study Group. It was not found possible to have one large group, as meetings were held during the working day and, while some members would have spare periods, others would have classes. For this reason, four separate groups were formed, each having its own Chairman and Secretary, while a President and Secretary were appointed over the four groups.

Meetings were held weekly and interesting and lively discussions took place on such subjects as Fishermen's debts, Co-operation, Marketing of Fish, Farming, Newfoundland's industries, Labrador, Highroads and the Prohibition Act. In addition, the members are grateful in having lectures from Mr. Gerald Richardson, B.Sc., and Judge Browne. Mr. Richardson outlined the work of Co-operation in Denmark and Nova Scotia and pointed out that the same success could be experienced in this country where similar conditions exist. Judge Browne explained Co-operation in Newfoundland, as well as outlined a recent visit he had made to the West Coast.

Although some members belonged to St. John's, the larger number were students from the outports and keen interest and valuable information were given by them. The largest and most attentive group was under the Chairmanship of Mr. Rowe whose programmes were well planned. Group meetings were suspended for the year from the first week in May.


President: Walter Hudson
Secretary: Miss Blanche Woolfrey

l.: Chairman: W.G. Rowe
2.: C. Vincent
3.: W. Hudson
4.: H. Collins

Secretary: Miss M. Petrie
Miss B. Woolfrey
E. Rusted
J. Wareham

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